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Let’s wrap up this week of our trip to the beach with a pretty little sea-inspired hair tutorial, shall we?


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A few weeks ago I was invited over to the newest blow dry bar in Oklahoma City, aptly named Blo. As an aside, can I just say how thrilled I am that the blow dry trend has landed in OKC? Ever since I embarked on The Great Hair Grow-Out, getting my (increasingly longer and longer) hair professionally blown out has been a total treat. Especially in the heat of summer when the last thing I want to do is mess with standing under a sweat-inducing blow dryer. Noooo thank you.


I was placed into the capable hands of super-fab stylist Malorie Avaline (who had fantastic Brigitte Bardot-esque hair herself that day!). This look is definitely big sexy beach waves – think Victoria’s Secret runway models. And crazier yet? The curls were done w/ a flat iron. But fear not – you can definitely use a regular ol’ curling wand or curling iron if you so prefer. While I’ve experimented with flat irons in lieu of curling irons with no success, I imagine all it takes is a little practice (and maybe a YouTube tutorial or two) to get it down.

All photos were shot by the fab Holli Brewer and her assistant. Thanks, guys!

Ok, on to the tutorial —

1. Shampoo, baby! Blo uses Kevin Murphy products (new to me!) and sent me home with a few samples at our blogger’s brunch a few weeks later. It’s perfect for my color-treated hair and was really gentle. Bonus points: it smells fantastic.

first-step- details-9

2. Blot your hair to remove all the excess water so you can get the blow out portion done quicker and more effectively.  step-2

3. Malorie worked a small amount of Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again to the entire head of hair, starting at the ends and working up to the top.


4. At this point, she “rough dried” my hair, not worrying too much about getting it perfect. But then she added Beach Resort Texturizer throughout all of my hair  (bonus points: it smells amazing). You can see how naturally curly my hair really is here – crazy!


5. At this point, the real work begins. Separate your hair into 3 separate sections – it makes it much easier to get control over blowing out your hair – at the crown, then a middle portion, and leave the bottom section to begin drying. Malorie used a paddle brush for this part –



6.  Now that your fab hair is all nice ‘n dry, it’s time to get to work with your flat iron (or your curling iron).  The key here is to hold your heating-instrument-of-choice vertically as you wrap the hair around. Don’t worry about it being perfect.  And you probably shouldn’t do it with your eyes closed (I have the goofiest expression in these photos!). 🙂



7. Once your hair is all fabulously curled, you can add a little extra body and volume to it by teasing it. They also had this really cool hair Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff that they use on girls w/ finer hair that gives a ton of body. I have enough hair for 18 people so I didn’t need it, but I was really impressed w/ the texture of the Powder Puff. I’ve never seen another product like it.



8. Finish w/ a little hair spray and voila – you’re beachy sexy fabulous.


Big huge thanks to the team at Blo for facilitating this little hair tutorial!  And also to Holli B. Photography for the assistance behind the camera (I’m not used to being the one in front of the lens!).



Classen Curve, Oklahoma City

with love,

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