Get ready for back to school! Plus a giveaway AND major discount!




Every year come August, all I want to do is buy all new pens, pencils, erasers, markers. I know I’m not the only one out there who was thrilled at heading to the store for all new school supplies – heck, that was the best part about school! But just because we’re kinda sorta grownups now doesn’t mean the fun has to end, which is why I’m offering 25% off the entire shop for this week with code SCHOOLDAYS.


Be sure to check out the Back to School section which is chock full of all kinds of new goodies, including (drumroll please) completely customizable BINDERS!



Aren’t they fun? I envision using them for a ton of different things since they’re so versatile. One for house stuff, another for recipes, and yet another personalized for each year that Jude’s in school to keep track of special things. The possibilities are definitely endless.

But that’s not all! Click through to see some more fun patterns and new things for Fall 2013! 


Like always, keep in mind that I can do any product in ANY pattern that we offer. Sometimes it just takes a little while for me to get every single product designed in every new pattern.  Almost all of the iPhone cases have been updated.

Modern Triangle Tray 3

But perhaps my most favorite is the new gold foil art print and matching lucite tray  with our color mantra. 🙂

Color-Mantra-Print-3 Color-Tray-1

But these aren’t all the new patterns and designs available, so you’ll just have to go to the shop to check them all out!

So! What’s the giveaway, you ask?  Up for grabs is a gold foil art print, a lucite tray of your choice, and a custom binder, just for you!  Check out the Raffle Copter below for all the different ways to win.

Enter here!

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