What nobody tells you about having long hair

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For well over a year now I have been embarking on The Great Hair Grow Out, documented in a few different posts, most notably this one (the #1 most viewed post here!). And I’m still growing it, despite the fact that I feel like I might be reaching the end of what I’m capable of managing. My end goal was to have it mid-back — truly loooong hair. Long enough to have a substantial fishtail braid.

Here’s my stats for those who are interested —

My hair is thick thick thick, with a naturally wavy texture. I try to only shampoo it twice a week, sometimes three times (although I do shower every single day, natch) and it is colored regularly.

This is the longest I’ve ever had my hair — ever. It’s nearly impossible to blow out straight anymore, so there’s that. My talent for wielding my large round brush to get it super smooth has been maxed out. So as a result,  I’m learning to embrace my natural texture more and more, and I’ve finally found the perfect cocktail of products to make it work. Additionally, I use this technique via Whoorl to enhance it with a curling iron.

There’s plenty of things that no one tells you about long hair. Things like getting it stuck in the car door on a windy day (ouch!), or needing to pull it out of your face before you spit out your toothpaste in the sink (yuck!).   Or the annoying feeling of it being trapped when you put on a coat and have to pull your hair out of it. Oh, and don’t get me started on the endless amount of hairs floating around our bathroom.

But on the flip side, I feel deliciously sexy with longer locks, a surprising identity twist that I certainly didn’t expect. And in typical male fashion, the husband says he never wants me to cut it again. ::sigh:: Boys, I tell ya.

How do you feel about having long hair? Did you experience an identity shift with a haircut? Did you make a drastic change and cut it all off?

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