Hair Tutorial: Side Chignon


If Google Analytics is good for anything, then you guys really REALLY like hair tutorials. And posts about hair.  And just hair in general. My friends, I am happy to help.

Today I’ve got a fun one for you – the side chignon, or, if you’re so inclined, the asymmetrical fun bun. This is almost easier than the famed fun bun and is also great for occasions when you want to feel a little bit more polished, even if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days.  On the day I shot this tutorial, it was pouring rain outside, and I wanted something a little more fun than just your typical pony. Plus, I knew that if i did a ponytail, the ends would be all humidity-frizzy.

Oh, and you’ll love it when I show you how many hair accessories & product you need for this tutorial. Simple. Dimple. But let’s do the tutorial first, shall we?


I like to put my ponytail on the same side as my part, but there’s no hard & fast rule here. Do as you prefer.

Side note: you may want to tease your ponytail if you want extra volume (if your hair is particularly thin, for example).

Hairpins are the easiest thing in the world to use and they hold your hair far more securely than any other pin. Plus, they don’t hurt your scalp after prolonged wear like bobby pins do.  Envision the circle of hair as if it had 4 corners. That’s where you’ll want to pin. Depending on how slick your hair is, you may need more or less. On days when my hair is dirtier, I can use less. But if I attempt this right after washing my hair, I need more pins to put it in place.

You could probably do a better job of hiding that one bobby pin holding back my shorter strands.

You may also want to fluff up the area around your crown a little so it’s not too tight and severe. Stick your fingers into your hair and kinda wiggle it a little bit to loosen it up.

What you’ll need for this tutorial:

There you have it! A simple little tutorial with fantastic results, if I do say so myself. Happy hair pinning!

with love,

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