Rosemary Beach


One last post on Rosemary Beach. Promise. But I don’t think you’re going to mind too much —

Admittedly it’s been a bumpy reentry this week into regular plain ol’ life. Between Jude having an ear infection and trying to get on top of work stuff, it’s been challenging to say the least. Actually, challenging is probably putting it mildly.

But despite all that normal back-to-the-real-world stuff, I came away from our trip filled to the brim with inspiration and a full heart. I thrive on beauty – and this particular trip was a feast for the senses in all ways possible.


Our favorite things to do after the jump — 

We spent our days going from the beach to a nice afternoon siesta, and then to the gorgeous pool closest to our house (there were 4 pools in the community). In the evening we rode our bicycles, listening to the cicadas in what was otherwise total quiet. Discovering hidden boardwalks and little courtyards made us ooh and aah and imagine what life would be like living in such beauty all the time.


The community put on some fantastic events, too, like the kids’ festival out on one of the greens one evening. And there were multiple visits to the local candy store for ice cream and other sugary treats.  Eating at the Cowgirl Kitchen was an absolute must, and we took advantage of it on more than one occasion. In the mornings, we rode bikes to the coffee shop and then meandered on down the way to check out some of the other nearby communities like Alys Beach.


And while I wouldn’t choose to stay in our particular rental again due to the lack of furnishings (see below – ours is the part above the garage in the foreground), I did appreciate the close location to both the beach and the pool.  And can I just tell you how nice everyone was there? We made friends with the cutest couple from Nashville who were visiting from Nashville and made plans to have dinner in Seaside one evening. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened to us on a trip.





details Jude-on-walkover Pale-blue-siding RosemaryBeach-facade-with-tree

The pool closest to us (below):

pooltime Sion-Jude-Boardwalk Boys-on-Bikes Blue-shutters Blue-Shuttered-Balcony

Some introspection always happens when we come home from a trip. As a study abroad student, I remember coming home wanting to implement some parts of my life in France into my life at home: taking time to enjoy the small things, slowing down, finding quality ingredients for meals. And this particular trip created the same desire – slow down, enjoy more, take leisurely bike rides in the twilight hour with Simon and Jude.  All those things that create lifelong memories that last longer than any “thing” we could buy.



Finally, allow me to help you fall down the rabbit hole of gorgeous vacation rentals — check out the Rosemary Beach site for some ah-mazing real estate stalking. I’m already scouting out locations for next summer!


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