How to Survive Growing Out Your Hair

How to survive growing out your hair -

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Can we all agree that hair is a sensitive topic to our self-esteem? There are so many emotions linked to hair. I have zero doubt that each & every one of you out there can recount stories of hair trauma and I am here today to begin that conversation. After almost 20 years (YES! 20! Two-thirds of my LIFE!) of having short hair, I have been embarking upon the great journey of Growing Out My Hair. For over a year now, I’ve been growing, growing growing, and while I’m not done yet, I’m amazed that I still don’t entirely recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Isn’t that crazy? I don’t even entirely feel like I’ve established my identity with long hair yet either. Heck, my own mother didn’t recognize me from the back at church a few weeks ago!

My worst hair trauma was undoubtedly at the tender age of 15 when I took in a photo of Josie Bisset from Melrose Place (a show I had never even seen) and I exited the salon in tears with a complete & utter boy’s haircut. It was awful. I begged Mom to let me stay home from school for, oh, the rest of my life, but she said I had to go. And so I marched into school with a pit in my stomach and promptly burst into tears. After that, it seemed like too much of a pain to grow it out, so I let it stay in various stages of Short.

So, allow me to present A Brief History of My Hair, followed up by my 7 tips to Surviving the Great Grow Out.


Whew. That was exhausting. Hair therapy right here, folks!

Now. Let’s move on to how to survive the Great Grow-Out.

1. Figure out if growing your hair out is what you really want to do. Are you ready for a long-term commitment? Because that’s what it’s going to be. It isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.

2. Find your source of inspiration. Start collecting photos of hair you like. I like to use Pinterest because it’s so easy to organize everything. I also follow a few hairdressers on there for inspiration too.  Start with photos of celebrities whose hair you admire,  then find others you like via hair blogs, fashion magazines, blogs, etc.

3. Make a plan of attack with your hairdresser.  Bring in photos – I bring in my iPad to the salon so we can look at photos together. My stylist is able to easily tell me what will and will not work on my face or hair type.  I like to show her stuff I like, but also stuff I really don’t like.

4. Purchase cute accessories to get you through the growing-out phase. This is the hardest part. There will be days when you want to throw in the towel and brandish the scissors. PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN. Get thee some cute headbands, hair ties, or whatever you need to get you through.  There were weeks where it felt like all I did was wear my hair in a ponytail in different variations. Booooring, but it kept me from cutting my hair.

Edited to add: I’m kind of obsessed with hair accessories, and so I’m happy to announce my collaboration with Mane Message. Check out our Pencil Shavings Studio for MM hair ties and headbands!

(image source)

5. Stop cutting your hair. Simple as that. This only works once you’ve got hair that’s roughly chin-length. Anything shorter will require maintenance trims to  shape it up as you’re growing it out. Otherwise you just look like you live in a cave.  Continue to color your hair as necessary. (image source)

6. Feeling the itch to cut something? Have your stylist cut face-shape-appropriate bangs or face-framing layers to give your growing-out style something different. Getting big heavy fringey bangs was the #1 thing that got me over the hump. I finally felt like I had a style change without sacrificing the length I’d been working so hard to grow.

7. Keep looking back to those hairspiration photos you pinned. Explore creative ways to style your newly-grown locks! (image source)

How about you? Please tell me I’m not the only one with major hair trauma!

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  • This is so ME! I am growing my hair out right now, after numerous years of short hair, also. This time, I decided to keep bangs, which is really helping. I’ve also had to limit my trips to the salon so that I’m not tempted to have my stylist whack it all off in a fit of frustration. I’m still trying to get all the hairs on my head (minus the bangs) long enough to put into a pony tail so I have that extra help on days where I can’t stand my ‘do’ any more. Thanks for this post!

    • Anonymous

      So glad to know I’m not alone! It really is brutal and the temptation is definitely there to whack it all off again.

      • joaquinakiwi

        Same with me, except I loose my self control when I’m at home alone and I just take a pair of crafting scissors to it. I really want to be able to do a pony tail, too. I just recently found out that I can put it into tiny little pigtails really high up on my head, but not without looking like a 4 year old 🙁

  • LOVE the timeline – so fun! Those tips are great, too. I’ve been growing out my hair for the last year and I’m at the stage where I feel like it will never get any longer! 

  • Emily L

    great post! the ONLY way i can grow my hair out is to keep up with the color (and keep that interesting) and shape it at least every 6-8 weeks throughout the process! getting it shaped often (and only trimmed when needed) is something us hair dressers learn in “beauty school” then for some reason keep to ourselves after we get that hideous license we all try to “cute up” with a frame 🙂

  • This post is fantastic.

    I’ve been growing my hair out, too. I always had above-the-shoulder hair, so now I’m experimenting with what happens once the shoulder threshold is breached. While the period in which it hit my shoulders and flipped out a la Patty Duke was a little painful, I’m now pretty excited about my longish hair.

    Oh! And my hair is thick so if I let it grow DOWN it also grows OUT like a triangle from the top of my head. Not hot. It requires some “shaping” at the salon.

    • Ivy

      I have the same triangle problem, which is pretty much the only reason I ever get my hair cut! 🙂

  • Emilie

    I’m with you!  I went for 20+ years with my hair very long.  I cut it post-college when I entered “the career world”.  I started growing it out again once I got married (and became a SAHW, then SAHW&M), but whacked it off *really* short (for me, anyway) about a year ago.  At least I donated the hair, because after a year of short, I wish it were long again.  Sigh!  Yep, going to be a long haul…

  • kaela d.

    new to your blog 🙂 i feel your pain! i have had short hair for almost the last 10 years…..holy moly i think it was pinterest that pushed me over the edge to just start growing it out.  it’s a smidge longer than chin length and i am in the pony tail phase for sure…….everywhere i go i leave a trail of bobbypins or hair ties (oooooops)…i am so excited to do fun stuff to my (eventually longer-ish)’s cruel that you have to wait for it to grow out before you know if you’ll be decent at “doing” it . 😀

    • Anonymous

      I could not agree with you more – I still feel like I don’t entirely know what I’m doing with long hair. I keep asking myself, “Is this really going to work?” But then friends & family compliment me all the time on how much they love it, so I guess it’s going well?

  • THANK YOU! I had pretty, long hair in a style I loved right before I got pregnant with my son, then 4 months in my mom remarked how pregnancy was doing something weird to my hair…..I cut it off! Ever since then (my son is now 2) I randomly keep cutting my hair! I haven’t been able to get it longer than shoulder length and I am almost to the shoulders again. I really miss my long hair but I keep itching to cut it everytime I look in the mirror. The bit about the accessories helps, every time I pin it up and put a bandana around it I feel so much better!!

  • Natalee

    This is such a great post! I had a pixie cut all through high school and decided to grow it out once I hit college. Two-and-a-half years later and I had shoulder length hair and I looked like everyone else and decided to go back to the pixie cut before studying abroad for a semester. Now I’m back and growing my hair out again. It’s such a long process but definitely one I’m ready to go through again. What’s better is this time I have an end style in sight.
    Thanks for this great post!

    • RachelShingleton

      Thanks for stopping by! Growing your hair out is such a pain – definitely a lesson in patience!

  • I’m joining in with you all! Yikes! I had long hair all the way through college and a couple of years after. Long, blonde (natural) hair. I cut it off in the 80’s and have had it shorter and shorter as time passed. Now that I’m older (57) I feel led to “humble myself”. I need to quit all the time and money and self-centeredness that having to have the latest style and drawing attention to myself brings. I quit doing the solar nails, I’m doing only occasional facials (instead of monthly) I am now doing my own pedicures – so hair is next. Thank you for the tips – all of them good!

    • RachelShingleton

      So glad you enjoyed it! xoxo!

  • Jessica

    im a 13 year oldgirl… and a tom boy. i hated wearing my 12inches of hair down so a ponytail everyday of my life was what i did for the last 10 years of my life…until a few months ago i was stupid and cut my hair very short. i like it better long, im out of my comfort zone by miles… and as u read i dont like wearing my long hair down, how long until i can just ponytail again?

    • RachelShingleton

      Just keep on growing! And get regular trims if your hair is super duper short. It’ll help to shape up the style as it grows. Shorter hair is definitely higher maintenance. And hang in there!

    • katy

      Chin length

  • Dae

    I have really curly, thick hair, and I’ve been wearing it short and using a lot of products to keep it tame but I’m getting sick of it. When I was young I had 2 ft of hair that went past my butt, and I got sick of it one day at the beginning of high school and went to the salon to have it cut off completely – now it’s been about eight years and I’m getting ready to graduate from college and I’m getting sick of the short look…
    Any tips on growing out thick, unruly curls would be a blessing… I know it’s going to go through a horribly awkward stage before I can put it into a pony tail or style it in any way and I’m dreading it… 🙁

    • SarahBear

      I’m currently growing out my pixie cut. I, too, have thick curly hair. My hair grows quite fast so these styles might be a little more spanned out for you. Anyway,

      The first image is of my pixie cut at its shortest. It was short enough to where it didn’t really curl which was nice.

      For the first two months I had to just put up with lots of straightening and products (second picture) because, while I did wear it curly once in a blue moon, it looked pretty awkward. I trimmed up the back every now and then to keep the mullet away. Tucking some hair behind the ears and then throwing on a headband or bandanna does wonders here.

      Now I’m in the third month of growing my hair (last two pictures). I’ve let the back, bottom layer of my hair start to grow and my length is just past my ears with the bottom layers reaching my jaw line when pulled straight. I let it stay curly now, do that as soon as you are comfortable with it because natural hair will grow a lot faster than straightened, product ridden hair.

      The style I tend to keep it in now goes like this:

      I pull the mullet-like hair in the back into a tiny pony tail right at the base near the neck. I then tie a bandanna (you could use a headband if you prefer) around my head, tying the knot under my little pony tail so it doesn’t slip off. You can smooth your bangs down with a bobby pin or clip. It’s a really cute, kind of wild and natural look and it’s fast and easy.

      When I do get fed up with my hair on bad days, I pull what I can back into a pony tail and use a plethora of clips to pull back what’s left.

      From here, you just wait! Try to avoid straightening and products so that your hair will grow fast and healthy (it’s ok once in a while to change things up =] ). Hope my amateur advice helps. Good luck!

      • RachelShingleton

        Your hair looks so cute! I love all 4 pictures!

      • shelly schlafmann

        Thank you for all your stories I am growing out my pixie cut and my daughter is growing out her bob. I need to do a lot of praying for patience. Also I remember someone who has cancer and going through chemo, and all their hair falling out, then I stop being so frustrated with my own hair growing out. Then I become a lot more grateful for the hair I have on my head, instead of how long I want it to be.Good Luck to all of you gowing out your hair.

      • caoimhe

        your hair is so pretty !! you remind me of an italian actress called benedetta gargari c:

    • RachelShingleton

      You might really like Moroccan Oil’s curl creme. They make some fantastic products and while your hair won’t grow out any faster, it will make your hair look super fab!

  • My hair has been short since I was in 6th grade, and I’m 50 now. Growing my hair out is on my ‘bucket list’, so I’ve been working on that for the last couple of months. I’ve got it past my ears, the ‘fatal’ point for me, where I usually grab scissors because it flips up at the ends lol.
    I got past it this time, with the help of my daughters (both grew their hair out, and are my cheerleaders)…really great info you posted, thanks!

  • darkhaired

    I’m with you, sister. I am currently growing out short (above-chin, but not pixie) layers. I can’t TELL you how much I HATE SHORT LAYERS. I’m 42, and two years ago I thought that 40-somethings must give up their long locks for something more “mature.” How dumb is that? I often see women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s with long, beautiful (and, yes, gray[ing]) hair. They flaunt it–why shouldn’t I? My short cut made me look like a soccer mom.

    I must admit that I have great, thick, dark, healthy hair. So there, world. Even though I have a long, thin face, I’m growing my hair long (goal: just below collarbones and when my ponytail swings and bounces freely) because it feels beautiful and sensual, and you can do so many things with it when it’s long.

    The short layers are now chin-length. I think I have a year of growing to do before I can say I’m done. I’m also growing out my bangs (I feel much happier without them); they’re almost to the end of my nose. I just try to take good care of my hair, brush it well with a Mason-Pearson brush, wash it every other day, use a good deep conditioner, and try not to do too much to it. Like you, I use lots of headbands, clips, barrettes, hairpins, etc.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person experiencing this agony. We need a support group.

    • RachelShingleton

      Isn’t it so funny how we automatically assume that when we hit a certain age, we must have short hair? Look at almost all the elderly people you know — do they all have super-short hair? I wonder if the current generations will go ahead and throw away the notion that age = giving up on your own style.

      I’m curious about Mason-Pearson brushes. They’re so $$$$ — are theyr eally worth it?

      • I am 59 and sick of my short, thick, coarse gray hair. I just quit smoking, am working out again, and decided to grow my hair out. When I grew it out before, I loved it, but all the straightening, blow outs, etc., were a bit much for a horse trainer! But this phase, where it looks like my motorcycle helmet is making me crazy! I will no longer cut my hair, except when the back starts to curl, so what the heck do I do with this mess until that day when it “moves on it’s own”?

    • MultiNanafan .

      Since you look young at 42, and cutting it ‘ages’ you so you don’t recognize yourself, I say keep it long and enjoy it. You’re lucky to have thick, healthy hair and will be the envy of a lot of women. It’s true that many elderly women are sporting thick, healthy-looking, longer gray hair. (I hate them!) I’m 62 and am trying to end years of a love-hate relationship with short hair. After getting chemo 12 yrs ago, my hair hasn’t been as thick as it was. But I try to eat healthier, take hair-boosting vitamins, and wash & blow-dry twice a week. I use the cool-shot of air to cut down on too much heat. I treat the wet hair with It’s-A-10 spray and a few drops of anti-frizz serum. Fortunately my gray has received compliments. Keep on feeling beautiful and sensual, and let your youthful spirit shine as long as ever.

  • wendy morris

    I have stopped having my hair cut/trimmed as it wont do what it used to when i style it so i dont see the point in paying to get it cut i still have it coloured but wear it up all the time as when i try to style it nothing works i really need some advice on what to do with it Help!!!

    • RachelShingleton

      Go talk to your stylist. He/She will help you figure out how to get the most out of your style because if your’e wearing it up all the time, it’s like throwing in the towel. Figure out what’s going to work best for your lifestyle, etc.

    • MultiNanafan .

      I thought the best way to get hair to grow is to color it. Nothing seems to come in faster than new, virgin roots! The longer you wait, the more growth you can see. As for styling, maybe the brand of color you use isn’t a good one. Like Rachel says, talk to your stylist. There are many ways it can be cut, blunt-cut, or shaped up to refresh your look and make styling easier. Your hair will change appearance until layers finally catch up, but if done right it will be truly refreshing and stimulate growth better.

  • birdawg

    Oh, how I needed this!
    On my 40th b-day, I cut my waist length (natural) curls in favor of a pixie. Like other posters I thought I was too old for gorgeous long hair
    I’ve decided I want my long curls back for my 50th b-day next June. They certainly won’t be waist length by then, but it will be a good start.
    I have really, really thick hair, so I’m wondering if continuing to get it thinned out on top will help with the awkward phase before it’s long enough to ponytail. This is where step 3 is invaluable! I need to talk to my stylist! She will wonder where I’ve been, too. Growing out your hair doesn’t equal ‘don’t cut your hair anymore’. I never thought of it that way! THANK YOU!!

  • Lana

    I’m thinking of growing my hair out also. I had long blond hair growing up and cut it at 18. Grew it out and cut it again after getting married at 24. A friend says I should keep my hair very short because it is too much for my small face. I have thick, coarse hair. Every time I get it cut real short, I regret it. I don’t feel feminine or confident enough for short, short hair. I have lately been wearing it in a bob with a few layers to eliminate bulk. It is chin length right now. I will soon be 57 ( I have always looked younger than my age) and want to grow it out one more time. I have been using headbands and barrettes the last few weeks. Thank you for this post. Lots of good tips. I will try to stay away from the scissors. Best of luck to you, Rachel.

    • RachelShingleton

      I too have super-thick coarse hair. But I’ve found that my hair was much bigger and bushier when it was shorter. The longer it’s gotten, the heavier it is, so there isn’t near the amount of pouf there was before. Put the scissors down! You can do this!!! 🙂

  • Tasha the Conflicted

    I have….. hard hair to grow out. One side is a short bob, the other a half shaved pixie lol. So right now if I want to grow it out I’m going to have such uneven hair >o<… But I want to grow it so bad. I have had waist length hair until I was 13, then I cut it super short. I like my short hair, but I really miss my long hair. Ugh.

    • RachelShingleton

      Ooh, wow, you definitely do have a grow-out challenge!

    • joaquinakiwi

      Yeesh, and I thought MY hair would be hard to grow out! mine is just a somewhat uneven bob…..

    • MultiNanafan .

      By now you likely have achieved your goal! I would guess that the best solution, unfortunately, is to even-up the long hair side with the short, shaved side then grow it all out at the same time. You could shave it or wait until the short, shaved side has grown out enough to where you would be comfortable getting the hair all evened-up. Or blunt-cut the long hair into a shorter asymmetrical style. Good luck!

  • Guest

    I have trouble with step 5. I’m only 13, and the longest my hair has ever been was shoulder length when I was 4. I hated brushing it so my mom got me a bob. Recently my hair has been getting shorter and shorter. I have the back, have bangs (which I am currently trying to grow out, but extra short bobs look stupid, in my opinion, without bangs) and the very front of my hair, which is the longest part, is about jaw (nowhere near chin) length. I love braiding hair and want to be able to tie my hair into a ponytail, so I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow out my hair several times in the past three years, which always ended in a pile of hair in the sink. I’d be home alone, maybe reading a book, and my hair would get in my face one too many times and I’d hack it all off with some craft scissors in the bathroom. After that I’d try going extra short, which I am just now recovering from. I have really dark brown, crazy fine hair that no amount of hairspray, gel, flat irons, bobby pins, or anything else can spike. So now I’m going to try extra hard to grow it out but I need in between hairstyles to stop me looking like the cave girl my hair thinks it belongs to.

  • joaquinakiwi

    I have trouble with step 5. I’m only 13, and the longest my hair has ever been was shoulder length when I was 4. I hated brushing it so my mom got me a bob. Recently my hair has been getting shorter and shorter. I have the back, have bangs (which I am currently trying to grow out, but extra short bobs look stupid, in my opinion, without bangs) and the very front of my hair, which is the longest part, is about jaw (nowhere near chin) length. I love braiding hair and want to be able to tie my hair into a ponytail, so I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow out my hair several times in the past three years, which always ended in a pile of hair in the sink. I’d be home alone, maybe reading a book, and my hair would get in my face one too many times and I’d hack it all off with some craft scissors in the bathroom. After that I’d try going extra short, which I am just now recovering from. I have really dark brown, crazy fine hair that no amount of hairspray, gel, flat irons, bobby pins, or anything else can spike. So now I’m going to try extra hard to grow it out but I need in between hairstyles to stop me looking like the cave girl my hair thinks it belongs to. The pictures are old but get the point across, sorry some of them don’t really show my hair well. I don’t have any recent photos of my hair but it is like a combo of the last two pics but with long bangs.

    • Brittney Grant

      OMG ! Finally,Someone my age.I am 13 too,and I really want to grow my hair Long and healthy but I am getting really stressed because I feel Everything is setting me back. Im really insecure so I don’t like wearing my short natural curly hair,Though I know It could grow faster that way,I used to have medium|Long Hair untill One day I was so upset I took a razor and Cut It Off,and its been not growing in my opinion ever since.I have done lots of research and Im going to try the natural look this summer..Just kind of really scared what people will say.

      • joaquinakiwi

        How short is your hair right now?

        • haha save your breath

          Yeesh, my mother did the same thing to me. Hope you got out of this awkward stage and are happy with what you’ve got now! Good thing about hair, it always grows back.

  • Happymess

    I love this article :))
    After years and years of hair at least shoulder-length [when I was five, my hair was down past my butt, no joke!], I decided to take the leap and chop it off. I had a pixie cut for a little bit, and now I’m growing out, but it’s so thick and annoying I keep feeling the urge to just cut it short again and not deal with it 🙁 But I want ponytails again! And my waves look best when they’re long, otherwise they just look like cowlicks >:( At the front, my hair is chin-length, and the back is slowly catching up. I’m trying hard to avoid trimming it.

    Another option is coloring your hair. I love red, and this is the first time I’ve done all-over color, and I love it. If you really love hair bows and headbands, try Hayley is amazingly creative and all of her bows can be customized to your liking, since they are hand-made.

    Good luck, everyone 😀

  • What a brilliant post! I cut my long thick hair off for charity last January. I made about $800 for Make A Wish Foundation and donated my hair to the Little Princess Trust. As much as I loved the practicality of a pixie crop, I do miss being ‘pretty’ and so I’ve decided to grow it. Even though its still really short, its already getting on my nerves! I need patience! Arrgh!

    • MultiNanafan .

      Glad you donated your hair for a worthy cause! You can trim those scraggly bottom ends in the back at home with scissors and mirrors. Do it on DRY hair. And you can gently shave the nape with a Daisy razor. It can provide relief between salon visits, and help your shorter layers catch up. You can trim scraggly bangs (again when hair is DRY) carefully to achieve a neater, cleaner line in front. It refreshes your style nicely, and stimulates growth.

  • Nikki Taylor

    wow amazing how you surf the net to see if anyone else out there is growing their hair from super short. I want it long now – I have just managed to lose 10 kgs and now im going to put myself through 6 months of growing my hair. Im fussy as with cuts and style so this will be a transition for me as i have only ever had short hair. I would ideally like clip in extensions but my hair may not be long enough. The funny thing is i want it longer to wear up as im in a climate of high humidity and heat all year round.. Fab but the hair … i straighten every day and im so looking forward to the day i can flick my hair and go nahhhh im wearing it up today. How long really would it take to grow short cut to wearing it tied back.

    • RachelShingleton

      Good question – it’s tough to say. I read somewhere that hair grows half an inch every month. I was able to pull it back in a tiny ponytail pretty quickly, probably when it was just about chin-length.

    • Susan Liggierio Strasle

      I have had short hair for quite a few yea hardrs now, never could let it grow out! but now I am again attempting to try it. its so hard but I never get past 6 to 8 wks to the salon. Im almost all gray once it is trimmed again , def will have it colored, it really does age your face, im 58. this is great bc no one understands except us short haired gals! I have become too impatient every time I try growing it out and tell myself I will always keep it short but it IS unbelieveably hard still need to go for trims that is key to keeping it in shape

  • TereH

    Thanks for this advice. My problem is, whenever I go in for the slightest trim, someone cuts new angled layers. Part of my goal in growing out my hair was to get rid of the angle-shaped “bob” that someone gave me (that I never wanted). I cut my hair to pixie length to get rid of a one-inch layer on the crown of my head, since so many of those angled bobs turn out to look like roof shingles in the back with bird feathers in front. And last week my stylist cut in those angled layers again, after I’d been somewhere else to cut them out; I went somewhere else AFTER she cut them in to cut them out. So now I have long layers in the bottom and a helmet on the top. So I am just not going to cut my hair anymore. I really want someone to cut those ugly angled layers out of the side of my face, but all I’ll get is more of them, just shorter. Can’t people cut hair anymore without cutting those ugly bob layers in? I just want blunt cut all one length hair with a few long layers in the bottom. Does know one even know what that is anymore? Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Alicia

      Oh my goodness!! I have the same exact problem! It’s taking me forever to grow out a short cut because stylists keep doing just that. I always end up just trimming on my own hair, but eventually I have to get it shaped up. I now have a stylist who understands not to cut those frustrating layers in my hair. I just adore him, but I still wait quite a while between trims.

      • MultiNanafan .

        Alicia – I think you found the right solution. Hope you achieved your goal by now. Best wishes!

    • MultiNanafan .

      Dear TereH – By now I hope you changed stylists permanently. Did you keep returning to the same stylist or the same salon? Can’t imagine why you kept going back to the same place, or stylist. It also looks like you never spoke or discussed your goal with the stylist(s). I would have stayed with the salon who cut those angled layers out the first time. You have to speak up – you are paying them to work for YOU. If they don’t, leave them and get someone else. Any good stylist can cut a blunt-cut or trim the bottom in separate visits until the layers catch up. And any good stylist will listen to you and be able to understand what you want. I hope you now have the length and style you want.

  • maryanne

    i’m not sure what hair type you have but mine is almost baby fine. when it is long my pony tail is not even an inch thick. this becomes a huge problem when using any type of hair clip as they either do not stay in my hair or look far too bulky because of my lack of hair. at the moment I’m at the first stage of growing my hair, it is still pretty much in the pixie stage but about an inch longer than what i normally keep it at. (shaggy)

    what kind of clips/accessories can i use that will stay in my hair but still be dainty enough to look cute and not over take my whole head? i want something that will keep my bangs out of my eyes or really just anything to make me look more girly.

  • Miryam

    Thank you for sharing all this. I’m going crazy letting my short hair grow out. I think I’m the step 5…and it’s sooo hard, I’m thinking if I should go with the stylist to get a reshape on my hair..cause it’s growing but the tips are kind of out of shape and I feel like and old lady now..I’m 34. And I got the pixie hair style after my baby was born. The main reason was that my hair was falling down too know this process. But now I want it long how it used to be before the baby, he’s 2 y.o. My hair length now is about under the line of my jaws level but on top of my head I have it shorter, and I’m wondering if I should go to the salon and get it trimmed?? but I’m afraid that doing that It won’t grow out any longer and faster. Some advise please?!!!

  • emilie

    im only twelve so u might know how that age is where u just start to experiement with hair trends. i just cut my hair in december and i am getting so sick of it now. i cut of thirteen inches and now it is mid neck length. i like it and all but like i said im just too tired of it. this helped a lot. so thanks. also when u said to experiement with bangs that confused me cuz i have bangs and they are just plain annoying. i never have the time to trim them so they are at the middle stage. what should i do with them? i have thick curly but short hair so thos once again helped.

    • katy

      Clip them back then grow them side swept. Believe me I had bangs just above my eyebrows last year and now their chin length

  • I’m currently growing out my second pixie cut in about 3 and a half years. The front is just getting to the top of my jaw and the back is at my collar. Should I leave it? I really want to get it layered, but I’m afraid I’ll lose length. It took 2 years the first time, to grow out to shoulder length, but my hair is so thick and wavy that I feel swamped by it. Any tips?

  • Connie

    OMG! I laughed and laughed at your time line. Mine’s a little different but I have had short (OK reallllly short) hair for so long I can barely remember me without it! In defense of myself though, I was in Civil Air Patrol for 10 years (the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force) so I kept it short…easier for my baby fine hair to work with the uniform restrictions. I found your post because I’m wanting (dreaming maybe….{sigh}) that I’d like to have it at least chin length again. Yeah…like that’s going to go back 35 years when I got married!!!!! I’ll have to bookmark your article and just hang in there 🙂 Super fun post, super inspiring and super fun. Loved it!

  • Cat

    I am so glad I found this page! I’ve been “growing out” my short hair cut for years now, but it keeps getting to an awkward stage and i end up with a pile of hair in the sink. I was seriously starting to wonder if I had some wierd sort of mental block about growing out my hair! From now on it will be trips to the salon for shape ups only. thanks to all who have shared their story.

  • Dolphin Girl

    I have had long hair my whole life, as my parents raised me to be a Rapunzel princess. My hair has never been cut, and it grows really fast. It was 8-9 feet long in high school and 11 feet long at age 21. I wanted to grow it as long as possible, but unfortunately my hair seems to have reached its terminal length at 13.5 feet in length. I hope everyone can some day enjoy having long hair.

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  • Jazlyn

    Im really missing my long hair. It was about to the small of my back and one daysome friends thought it would be funny to cut my hair. Everything is uneven and one side is shorter than the other I have no idea what to do with my hair! My hair is naturally curly and thick but if I leave my hair curly it will look like a afro! I really need a idea on how I can style this untill its the same length again 🙁

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  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve been asked to grow my very VERY short pixie style out for my siater’s wedding in September 2015. I know I’m going to hate very minute of it but at least now I have a plan of attack to survive it without shaving it all off!

  • Kathleen

    Wow…glad I googled how to grow out my super short haircut…and have found so many others with same frustration in keeping hands off scissors when hair grows the least little bit. ugh I cut my own hair; people compliment how it looks. Then I tell them I cut it and they can’t believe it. I don’t think it looks good, though. It is way too short again, after my not knowing when to quit cutting it.
    Selfies of me look dreadful! I’m older now so my face needs softening with hair covering it. LOL Well, cute long bangs at least. I even bought a wig to wear so I wouldn’t be tempted to cut my own hair. Figured in a few months my own hair would have a couple inches, but I washed the wig and it looks like the mange. lol So, I don’t wear it.
    So, cutting my hair to way too short look. What to do? Just keep hands off scissors I suppose no matter what. And, start going to hairdresser for advice and support in growing it out. It’s been such a challenge. Please say a prayer! Thanks for listening.

  • Claire

    I just got my hair to finally be long again after getting a bob but now I want to chop it off again I’m getting sick of my hair

  • judie

    My hair is growing after having it shaved in the back and sides its grew a couple of inches down my neck now people have told me not to get it cut some say it needs trimmed but I’ve been looking for inspiration but some people say short hair but it’s not that short to me, please help me with advice I’m ready for cutting it off. Please help

  • farah

    I am 12 years old and i have very thick hair, when it was long it was very hard to manage, so yesterday i cut it so short and its now poof and it looks so terrible, and my school will begin in the next month , any advice ?

  • Ryan .

    At 4 im guessing . 4 is when my hair was Thin. But over the Years my Hair has thickened & I went to private school so when your hair got long you would have to shorten it down my getting a haircut. So I wanna Persavere With my Hair. I have Short Hair & want it Long Shoulder Length Hair , Remind you its Thick. Really Thick IG? So How do I grow out my Hair , My friend who has that hair style Long Hair , he havent got a haircut since 2 years ago! Wow or a Year? But its gonna be 2 That’s Crazy. how do I grow longer hair I hate having Short Hair. So What Should I do , & Keep my hair long without my parents thinking to being asked to get a Trim?

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  • Jennn

    I’m cutting my hair in two days and I’m so excited about it. My hair is like in the middle of my boobs, so not very long. I love the shorter style. I REALLY want a pixie cut but id probs look awful. So I’m thinking about getting my hair just a little longer than shoulder length. Used to want my hair to be long but its sooo frizzy and I don’t take care of it enough to have long hair. Oops:)))