Hello from Rosemary Beach!



I’m convinced that we are currently staying in paradise. With only a couple of days left to go, we’ve spent our summer vacation covered in sand from head to toe, swimming out in the sea, and leisurely riding our bicycles at dusk down the boardwalks lining the streets here in Rosemary Beach.



We’re staying in a little carriage house above the garage of a very large (and gorgeous) main house occupied by a family with triplet boys(!). And while the carriage house size is fantastic for just the 3 of us, the furniture is severely lacking, oddly enough. We have a dining set, a futon for Jude, and then a kingsize bed for us. And that’s it. So weird. There’s nowhere to hang anything, wet towels included! I keep imagining how I would design the heck out of this little studio.jude-on-bike


When we get back, I can’t wait to take you on a little architectural tour of a couple of great little communities, including Alys Beach. It’s a beautiful little gem of a town – and I’m so entirely filled up with all of the beauty here. Inspiration overload, to be sure.  I can totally understand how people can come here year after year. It’s insanely relaxing and so easy to get around.

All for now, friends! Hope your’e having a lovely week, wherever you are.


with love,

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