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Carlton Landing Lake House

I’m eating up these lazy warm days of early summer; we’ve been camped out at Carlton Landing all week and I never want to leave. It’s been a glorious few days and I’ve been busy photographing some real estate listings, taking care of orders for clients, that sort of thing — all interspersed with plenty of swimming in the lake, riding bikes, hanging out with friends, and watching the progress on the construction at our house. It’s *so close* to completion!


Late yesterday afternoon a big thunderstorm rolled through. An Oklahoman through and through, I confess to loving a good storm. And here in southeast Oklahoma, they can get pretty magnificent – maybe moreso than in OKC.  You can see where the sky looks super dark blue in the photos below — that’s the storm rolling off. And then the light afterwards was that perfect Parisian rosy pink. It was incredible.



Once the skies cleared, I took a walk with Archer and I’m consistently amazed at how inspiring it is to see all these pretty little farmhouses. There’s always something new to see.  And as we walked, I saw Jude and a whole herd of boys playing “live Fortnite”, in which they basically run like hooligans with Nerf guns and shoot each other. Way more fun than the video game version of Fortnite. 😉

This little house is being built based on our floorplan and I love seeing the ways they’re subtly switching up the design. I’m dying over those pale blue doors. SO PRETTY.

“Mom, can I drive through this puddle?”

“Sure, baby. Why not.”


I’ve really enjoyed being here to see the progress on the master bedroom. The trimwork guys were here yesterday and the day before, and our bathroom cabinets are almost done.  And of course I had to drag in the rug and lamps to get an idea of how it’ll all look once it’s done. Wood floors still need to be stained, but they’ll look pretty close to this.

I designed the bathroom vanity to go all the way to the ceiling. Simon still thinks I’m nuts to have them do this, but I really do think that we might as well maximize all the potential storage space that we can. Even if we only use it for spare sheets, etc on the very top, it’s still nice to know that we have the option.


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