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Carlton Landing Lake House

Somebody asked me a few weeks ago if Simon’s real estate photog shoots everything for my blog. Nope, I replied — it’s all me!  I shoot almost everything myself, mostly because I love doing it and my background in graphic design, product styling, etc., affords me the skillset to get it done. But lately I’ve taken on a handful of photography jobs in addition to my regular creative clients, mostly down at Carlton Landing.  I have loved real estalking since I was a teenager, and it’s so inspiring to me to see what other people are creating in our much-beloved community there.

Did you know you can rent our house at Carlton Landing?  Click here for all the details on scheduling a getaway at the Boardwalk Bungalow.

Most of these photos are portfolio shots for Scissortail Homes, one of the builders in Carlton Landing, but there’s also a few that are available to rent.  (You can see other shots on their Instagram too if you’re in need of some eye candy.) Ok, ok – enough chitchat. On to the photos as well as a few sources that I could track down to help you get the look.

Threshold throw

Number one most-liked photo ever on the Pencil Shavings Instagram belongs to this beauty:

Gorgeous Croft brass mirrors from CB2 – and they are super reasonable too.

Seriously considering ordering that rug. It’s the Surya Nova x Area Rug x, 7’8″ x 10’6″, Blue, Gray and it is divine.

Great texture here with the exposed brick and antique rug.





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