Jude goes to kamp; Archer reigns as king supreme


The big event of the summer for Jude is going to Kanakuk and since attending last summer for the first time, he’s been gung-ho to return for round 2.  While there was much anxiety last summer when getting on the big bus to ride several hours up to Missouri, this year he barely looked back at us while he climbed the steps.

And thus began our week with solo Archer, who pitifully sobbed as big brother drove off into the distance. Archer is nothing if not Jude’s biggest fan, and he’s also our kid who wants to know exactly where everybody is at all times of the day. This manifests as asking 18342356 times a day “Are we picking up Jude now?”

nope. Not yet, buddy.

Every single day I’m checking for more photos of Juder Duder, and this one is maybe my most favorite. Look how happy he looks!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch —

I have to say, there is nothing more delightful on the planet than a three year old boy. He is so full of life and sweetness. It’s nonstop snuggles and silliness and wonder and I am once again reminded of how glad I am that we have Archer in our family. This was one of my favorite ages with Jude (remember this Peter Pan Party?!) and it’s proven to be equally delightful with this precious boy.

Is this not the saddest face you’ve ever seen in your life?

Luckily it all turned around when he got this ginormous birthday cake pancake at Hatch.

He’s had naptime sleepovers in the Big Bed, trips to weight watchers with mommy (in full CatBoy costume regalia), ice cream aplenty, and lots of sitting on the potty (because OMG PLEEEEEAAAASE POOP ON THE POTTY ALREADY AND NOT IN YOUR PANTS FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME).

I cannot wait to hear all the great stories from Kamp and I know Jude’s having a blast. I love that kid so much – he’s a one of a kind for sure.

with love,

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