Carlton Landing: 4th of July Weekend


Be prepared for image overload, but there are too many good ones. Our second Independence Day at Carlton Landing was one for the books (and we thought last year’s celebration was amazing). An entire weekend full of events – everything from the pop up shops(!) to hot air balloon rides (did you see on Instagram?!) to pie eating contests and tie dyeing tshirts.


My brother’s family came down again to celebrate with us. Dinner was a roasted pig up at the overlook park complete with long tables and string lights. All the dads took up donations for the neighborhood fireworks show and it was truly spectacular.

overlook-dinneroverlook archer-simon-dock blythe-the-fishergirl boardwalk-golden-hour

The humidity was ridiculously high and it made for a sticky sweaty mess. So that meant half-naked baby all weekend long. Because when you’re five months old, why bother with clothes?chrysi-archer-golden-hour chrysi-lola-dock dock-4th-of-july dock-daddy-archer-snugglefest dock-flying-leap-amelia dock-jude dock-sunset dock-texture doner-golden-hour-1 doner-golden-hour-2



Can we talk about the hot air balloon for a minute? I’ve never in all my life seen anything quite so magical. I had gotten in the car, loaded to the gills with Pencil Shavings goodies, and turned the corner to see the enormous balloon getting set up on Firefly Park. The entire town came out to watch it get tethered into place, and then they gave rides for the next 2-3 hours. I didn’t get to go for a ride since I was at the pop up shop, but it was so fun to watch that balloon in the distance. Now I REALLY want to go to Albuquerque to see the balloon festival.

Also, wouldn’t it be so fun to design a hot air balloon?hot-air-balloon-1 hot-air-balloon-2 hot-air-balloon-3 hot-air-balloon-2

The pop up shops were so fun. I can’t wait to do it again. I’m reminded of how much I love getting to chat with people; you just don’t get the same hands-on personal touch with online shops, despite all the best efforts. I sold oodles of phone cases and the indoor/outdoor pillows – and I loved getting to see all the other cute shops.pop-up-pavilions pop-up-pencils pop-up

Jude looks like he’s 14 years old lately. Stop growing, little boy! robot-jude simon-boardwalk-porchA big huge thanks to the event organizers at Carlton Landing for all the hard work they put in. Everything was fantastic!


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  • ramblingrenovators

    Looks like a picture-perfect weekend! How awesome that your community is so organized to have all these activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • Christine Kron

    Wow – amazing photos! You’re so fortunate to experience all that! And yes – it would be fantastic to design a hot air balloon!

  • Seriously gorgeous photos.
    If you love hot air balloons you’ll have to add Cappadoccia (Turkey) to your list. Seriously google it. We were there a few months ago & waking up to see hundreds of colourful balloons dotting the skies was just pure magic.

    • Ooh, off to google that!

      • Gessica Cristina Lewis

        HI Rachel I am here to warn you there is a young lady on Facebook by the name of Ashley Nelson using your baby pictures as her own son

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