Wedding Crashers


This post is a little bit belated but there was too much good stuff to forgo it.  Weekend after last was an absolute whirlwind of a weekend in Dallas for a family wedding. Remember how Jude was at Kamp? Simon drove from OKC to Branson on Friday to pick him up at the closing ceremony by 6pm. They stayed for the awards where Jude was honored with the Total Release Award and I am so proud! He had an amazing week and came back beaming.

At 8:30, they hit the road towards Carlton Landing, a 5 or 6 hour drive, where they spent the night before getting up on Saturday morning and driving to Dallas. They were WIPED.

Meanwhile, it’s almost not fair to say that Archer and I had a perfectly deeeelightful You & Me trip solo to Dallas on Friday. And I mean absolutely precious, delightful and utterly memorable. He was like a totally different child, just one-on-one. We flitted all over town and went shopping at Northpark, Calico Corners, and a few other places for work-related stuff. I cannot remember the last time I’ve taken that kid to the mall.

It felt so good to get out of our OKC rut and it reminded me of how many great things there are to do in Dallas. Sometimes you just want to get out and see something different, you know? Or is that just me …


Cupcakes at the Bird Bakery

Then on Saturday night, it was wedding time! Look how dapper these two are. They both danced themselves silly and I’m convinced they have a future in wedding crashing one day. They’re absolutely living their best lives as wedding guests.

For reference, I’m 5’7″ in flats, and Jude is up to my shoulder at age 10. He’s so grown up and has changed so much in the past year.

Internet, can I just tell you how different it is to have only one child at a time with you? Night and day difference. This stormy little personality was nothing but sunshine and happy faces and sweetness galore. And then the minute his brother walked back in the door? It was World War 3 all over again. Sigh.

New favorite summer purchase are these Point Sur striped shorts from J.Crew. So crazy comfy.  And I loved the interiors of Sixty Vines where we ate for Father’s Day brunch.

Moral of the story: run away every  now and then with just one of your kids. It was a transformative experience and full of delightful memories.

with love,

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