Archer graduates from the crib

My baby is no longer a baby, but a toddler well on his way to being a big kid. In Florida, Archer slept in a queen size bed all week long with zero issues. And since he’d been climbing out of the pack & play at the lake house now for quite some time, I figured that it was time to take the rail off the crib at home so he could eventually transition into a regular bed.

It’s bittersweet. Isn’t everything, especially when it’s your last baby? Gahhh.

I’ve been spring cleaning (YES, I KNOW IT’s AUGUST) like a maniac and cleaning out so much stuff in prep for the beginning of the schoolyear. Baby stuff, old toys that never get played with, clothes that have been outgrown – you know the jam. And it feels so good to be free of clutter (despite what the image above looks like – it still looks kinda cluttered to me). I think the entire discussion on “will we move?” sent me into a mental tailspin. The idea of moving all our junk sounds overwhelming. And frankly, it seems silly to get a bigger house just so we can store all our crap in it. I’m all for purging and donating stuff we don’t need.

Jude’s room is going to be the focus for the fall One Room Challenge (wheee! stay tuned!) so I’ll be transitioning his Land of Nod bed into Archer’s room in a few weeks once J’s bunk bed arrives (yay! bunk beds for sleepovers!).  But in the meantime, it’s happily cozy in here with the little crib for just a while longer.


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