Archer’s big boy room

Ch-ch-ch-changes!  In the blink of an eye, nearly 3 years to the day since I assembled that crib for a baby yet to be born, I disassembled it for a boy who is no longer a baby.   Jude’s getting a new bed and thus, Archer has inherited the twin size Uptown bed that my mom purchased years ago for Jude.

I’m still in the midst of cleaning stuff out – soooo many toys, baby clothes, that sort of thing. It’s almost like some kind of weird reverse nesting instinct to purge out all the baby stuff.  But you know how people say how you just know when you’re done having kids? I get that now and I wondered if I ever would feel it for certain. Yes, it was a little bit sad to take down that crib, but man, I sure am glad that we got to have that crib at all. I’m so grateful for that crazy toddler who draws all over my furniture and my lampshades.


(Andersen dresser by Land of Nod)

For so long, there was so much fear and uncertainty over whether we’d be able to even have another baby. I hung onto all those things in hope that we could use them again.

And now we have. We’ve joyfully, gladly, gratefully used them and have now sent them on to other babies and other families.

I can’t stop laughing at this photo. It totally encapsulates everything in our lives right now. Raucous toddler, a big kid in the fourth grade playing the recorder (WHYYYYYYYY IS THE RECORDER A THING), and a wily chihuahua in the middle.

Life is good.



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