What if we sold our house?

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Nine years ago, when we walked in the front door of this house I told Simon I’d either have to be forcibly removed from this home or taken out in a body bag. Doesn’t that sound delightful? And yet here we are nearly a decade later and Simon has almost convinced me.  Maybe it’s his life as a realtor – you see a lot of really amazing stuff (and to be fair, a whole lotta duds, too!). Anyway, he planted the seed in my mind and now it feels like we are having Legitimate Serious Talks about doing just that.

Here’s our pro/con list on moving.


  • The neighborhood & culdesac
  • mature trees
  • lots of living space to spread out in
  • great kitchen, living areas
  • living well within our means/budget
  • Downstairs master bedroom and bath

@psstudio Grandmother's china cabinet in aqua living room - Pergo hardwood floors in slate oak -

There’s so much good about where we are!  I tossed around the suggestion of adding on to our house to improve the master bedroom situation, but S doesn’t think that we’d recoup our money in the long term.  IF we moved (and that’s a big if!), we’d want to stay in the same neighborhood but possibly in the northern end of it. We’re so close to Jude’s school and our church, as well as Simon’s grandmother, and we can’t imagine not being near to all those things.

@psstudio Pergo hardwood floors in aqua living room and dining room at Pencil Shavings Studio


  • we love a project!
  • potential for more space, better location
  • more room to entertain??


  • moving sucks
  • getting the house ready to list (OMG)
  • cleaning out our crap

Pencil Shavings's One Room Challenge living room reveal, complete with loads of bold blues and accented with red. Check out the full reveal inspired by the preppy regatta stripe rug from Dash & Albert, plus a kidfriendly white sofa.