Sketchpad: Back to School Edition

White Electra bicycle with red porteur rack from Public Bikes -

ERRRRBODY be back in school as of this week, and I feel like I can finally breathe again. I’m learning that I appreciate the seasons because they bring something distinct and different to keep us on our toes. Summer is such a relief from the go-go-go of school. But after awhile, it gets tired and played out. Time for structure and routine. Fall seems touchable right now, doesn’t it?

Ok, a few fun things to check out this weekend…

I just read Crazy Rich Asians in like 30 seconds this week. It is SO GOOD. Add this one to your list now if you loved books like The Devil Wears Prada or The Royal We.

I can’t get enough of Joanna Goddard’s Motherhood Around the World series. One of the best blog series ever, I daresay.

How color played a major role in William & Kate’s family visit to Germany and Poland.

I’m kind of obsessed with zhushing my eyebrows, and Glossier’s Boy Brow is pretty addictive.

Also from Glossier (how is everything so good??): New blush addiction alert.

Made me laugh. The Fug Girls are my favorite.

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