The hardest color to decorate with is not what you’d expect.

pencil shavings studio bedroom minted-13

White is my favorite neutral because it allows color to pop so beautifully against it. But I’ll be the first to admit that as much as I love a white room, it’s probably one of the hardest things to decorate. When we first had our living room painted all white a few years back, I admittedly thought we’d made a horrible (and expensive!) mistake. It was so sterile! So stark! So flat!  But little by little as we added art and furniture, it started to feel right.
By the time we had the whole house at Carlton Landing painted in Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White, I was a little better prepared for that initial shock of an all-white interior.  And so for the master bedroom makeover, I had my plan in place.  First I made a series of different layouts showing different color schemes. I knew there were a few non-negotiables in the design: the headboard would stay the same, and we’d be doing Benjamin Moore’s China White for the walls. I also knew Simon and I both loved differing shades of blues, so that was an easy go-to color scheme. Finally for the accent color, I tossed in a bold bright yellow.


Again, just a general mood board for the design direction; eventually I’d like to get new side tables to provide more storage. But budget constraints mean they’ll have to wait.  And my yellow velvet Parsons chairs fit in perfectly in lieu of those french Bergere-style ones pictured.

So. A few tips I’ve picked up along the way when working with a white room:


Always test out your paint on the walls in the room you’re painting. Pick at least 3 samples and try it on all 4 walls. I know – it sounds crazy but it really does work – and you’ll never paint a room the wrong color again by taking the extra time to test the samples out.  Depending on how much natural light your room gets , you’ll want to make sure your white isn’t too warm or too cool. Our bedroom white is much warmer than the living room white simply because it doesn’t get nearly as much natural light and I didn’t want it to feel cold.


Yes, you’re going to need more stuff to keep a white room from falling flat. Linens, pillows, throw blankets, duvet covers, etc are all your friend. Minted sent us a few of their new linen pillows from their Minted Home line – I wanted a few to toss on the chairs as well as on the bed to mix and match patterns. Create as much depth and contrast as you can.

pencil shavings studio bedroom minted-3


A subtle accent of a warm metallic like a brushed brass or gold is a great way to glam up white. All of our art (c/o Minted) is framed in a simple modern matte brass frame and I love that it adds an extra bit of dimension. It plays off the metallic interior of the Stray Dog Designs lampshades, drapery rod, and the starburst mirror over the bed.

pencil shavings studio bedroom minted-6 pencil shavings studio bedroom minted-7

Artwork c/o Minted: Above the Sea, Deep Caribbean IIStreets of Chefchaouen, Pine Study I

@psstudio master bedroom makeover - Stray Dog Designs striped Esme lamp - Benjamin Moore China White walls -

Fashion Walk print, c/o @Minted

Stray Dog Pencil Shavings Studio master bedroom-10


@psstudio master bedroom makeover - Stray Dog Designs striped Esme lamp - Benjamin Moore China White walls -


Look for differing weights of fabrics, like a chunky wool throw or a linen duvet cover. Baskets are also a great way to introduce natural texture into a room.

@psstudio master bedroom makeover - Stray Dog Designs striped Esme lamp - Benjamin Moore China White walls -

Moderne Dalmatian pillow c/o Minted; Diamond in the Rough pillow c/o Minted; Threshold striped seagrass basket

@psstudio master bedroom makeover - Stray Dog Designs striped Esme lamp - Benjamin Moore China White walls -

The final product turned out pretty close to the inspiration! I love how the blue curtains pop against the white walls and we had enough empty walls to fill that . I’m not sold yet 100% on the placement of those round mirrors as much as I love them but knowing how much I love to rearrange, I’m sure they’ll live in several different rooms in this house before it’s all said and done.

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post! Check out their Minted Home line as well as all their fab artwork options.

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