Master Makeover: Floors & Paint

master makeover paint floors-3

Progress has been made on the master bedroom makeover. We’re no longer squatting in the living room (haaaa) and the flooring is officially in! Since we went with the Pergo floor in our formal living and dining, it only made sense to continue it in the master for continuity sake. My floor guys were in and out in a day and the painters knocked everything out within a matter of hours (totally worth the money to have them do it!).

Can I just tell you that design is EXPENSIVE. Sure, I have this grand vision for how I would hypothetically love for it to turn out. But seeing as how our money tree isn’t exactly growing in the back yard, it’s a slow crawl to get stuff done. I made the decision to move forward on drapes as they’d make the biggest visual impact on the room. They’re currently being made (SQUEE!) currently and should be ready in a couple of weeks. With an all-white room, it’s easy for it to go blah pretty fast, so I’m doing a bright blue with greek key trim.  Which is perfection because it gives me a great reason to pull out an old Williams-Sonoma Home greek key rug. *Please refrain from any rug/drapes jokes. Mmkay thanks*

Drapery choices with trims

I also pulled the gold Ikea hack etageres into those two little nooks that were previously the master closet and now I *finally* like them. (The nooks, not the shelves.)

master makeover paint floors-2

I’d *really* like to order some new bedside tables. Especially since in the whole moving them in-and-out of the room, mine lost one of its legs. And then one of the mirrored doors is hanging by one screw. Gahhhh. ? #allthedollarsmaster makeover paint floors-4

New lamps are en route and we definitely need some art or something to hang over the bed. I also snapped up a pair of white round mirrors from Pottery Barn for a steal (thank you, Presidents’ Day sale) and I’m on the fence as to whether I should hang them on either side of the window, or if I should hang them on either side of the bed behind the new lamps that are coming. Hmmm. Thoughts?

master makeover paint floors-5 master makeover paint floors

Nonetheless, progress is made, and I’m glad to be back in our room, even though I have to say I do miss having that big beautiful window behind the bed. I may or may not have googled ripping out a wall to install more windows. 😉

(And somewhere right now, Simon is sweating bullets reading this. #allthedollars)

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