We signed up to be on a neighborhood house tour …

Green design books -

Operation Master Makeover is on a collision course with time. A few months back, I was approached to be on our neighborhood home tour committee, a brand new endeavor to help fund/support neighborhood beautification projects. And then somehow I found myself agreeing to have our house actually ON the tour and handling the PR for it, which means that all those random little loose end projects that haven’t happened are now going to HAVE to happen. OH GOODIE. Because deadlines = a good time for updates, amiright?

Pencil Shavings Studio-7

We are still glam-squatting in our living room and frankly really enjoying it. It’s just so darn pretty and bright in here! Except I have to explain to someone every time they come in that we’re in the middle of a few projects, hence the big bed in the living room.

We decided to buy the same Pergo slate oak into the master bedroom that’s in the living/dining rooms. I am so excited for this – those nasty carpets have seen their last day.  Yesterday, Lowe’s delivered all 14 boxes of flooring and I ran to answer the door only to find an actual giant of a man carrying one of these boxes on his shoulder like a boombox. He was seriously the biggest man I’ve ever seen who wasn’t an NBA player. And now I’m sleeping next to a giant box of somewhat smelly flooring because it has to acclimate a few days before it can be installed.

Pencil Shavings Studio-6

We’re also kind of liking having the bed nice & low, sans bedframe. Is that weird? Do we have to use a bedframe?Pencil Shavings Studio-8

Nickels and Archer are enjoying the views. HahaPencil Shavings Studio-9 Dining room lacquered console with white peanut lamps and rainbow bookshelf -

Newly painted master bedroom that’s currently housing a mishmash of stuff.Pencil Shavings Studio-11

And a fun selection of fabric and trim for potential new master bedroom drapes. YUM. Drapery choices with trims Pencil Shavings Studio-13