In Search of: Built-in cabinets for the master bedroom

When we bought our home, the seller had renovated several spaces including the master bedroom. She had ripped out the existing pairs of closet doors and added on a larger master closet. I think her intention was to add square footage but the problem was that the family room fireplace was in the middle, thus truly negating any true expansion of the space. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

It doesn’t look all that different now, sadly, although it’s thankfully not beige anymore. See how awkward it is? It’s an eyesore and really only serves as storage for our dressers, but with zero wiggle room. So after keeping an eye on a couple of houses that Simon had listed by a builder who does some pretty awesome millwork, my wheels got to spinning. Maybe I could design some built-ins to maximize the storage space and do some kind of paneling to coordinate in the center to make it look like one big wall of cabinetry.

Clear as mud, right?  I know – I got a blank look from Simon when I tried to describe my vision. So then I turned to Pinterest to clarify the overall vision and here’s what I came up with:







I’m intrigued at the idea of having loads of additional clothing storage. Drawers, shelves, that sort of thing, but hidden. I hate nothing more than open cabinets. Unless your stuff inside looks like a perfectly organized closet space in a Container Store catalog, odds are it’s going to look wild and wooly all the time. I’m too tired to keep it perfectly maintained. Currently our existing dressers store socks, unders, and stuff like tshirts. So I’m thinking a similar solution would be good.

What would you do in my situation? I’m having a hard time envisioning the finished product. If it were a different house and less traditional, I’d figure out a way to do barn doors, but that’s not going to work for this house. Plus there’s just not enough room.  It’s that darn fireplace in the middle that makes it all so difficult.

::sigh::  Time to get out a pencil and start sketching. Got any other ideas for me?

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  • Becky

    Well… since you asked, here’s what I would do: In the openings, build units that are drawers (filling about the bottom 1/3) topped with doors. Behind the doors, shelves would hold folded sweaters, jeans, blankets, etc., while the drawers would replace dresser storage for undies and socks. On the wall between the two built ins, add millwork to the bottom 1/3, so it comes to the same level as the drawers. Top the whole thing with molding to tie everything together and paint the entire thing, including the wall in the center section, the same color. Then add a tv, large piece of art or mini gallery wall to the center wall section above the millwork. As for style, I think I would make a hybrid of the first and last inspiration photos.

  • i love the look of these white bult ints!

  • I love the design with the tv in the middle. Built-in cabinets are so pretty!

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