Fall Decor Refresh with Bassett Furniture

Simplifying our personal style down to what’s truly essential; plus a few practical tips on how to refresh your decor for fall.

With school back in session and the lake house project nearly complete, I’ve been working on freshening up a few things around our house in Oklahoma City. The thing I love so much about being in Carlton Landing is that our cottage there is so simple and uncluttered (duh – because WE DON’T ACTUALLY LIVE THERE). Thus, every time I come home I immediately feel like the walls are caving in around us and that we’re living in one of the Hoarders houses – why do we have SO MUCH STUFF?! Why is the laundry so out of control? Why is the mail perpetually strewn hither and yon?!  Not to mention that I pretty much let the entire house go to pot all summer since we were traveling so much.  So! Once the boys got back in school a couple weeks ago, it’s been game-on to tidy up and refresh the house. And overall, simplification and purging has become the theme for 2018.

Bassett Furniture reached out about showcasing some of their newest products for their latest Labor Day launch, and it was a good incentive to shift things around, purge what wasn’t working, and prep for fall decor. I chose several pieces from the Bluffton collection because of their clean lines and airy feel — I felt like overall the whole line had a very modern Chinoiserie-inspired style but without going full-on thematic.

Previously I had a Craigslist-sourced fabric-wrapped coffee table in here, but it was visually really chunky and heavy; I like that the Bluffton coffee table has more of a classic Parsons feel and it doesn’t feel like the big heavy lump in the room the way the other table did.  I also appreciate a coffee table that has shelving underneath; I can still display books and other items without having to clutter up the top too much. It feels good to have the top uncluttered since Archer tends to drive his race cars on there anyways.

We’re nearly a year into converting our old formal dining space into a sitting room and we haven’t regretted it once. It’s seriously one of my most favorite rooms in the entire house.  I love the way these two rooms flow into each other. While I’m typically against the idea of buying all the pieces of a single collection, I do think it absolutely can work by peppering all the pieces throughout your rooms. It provides a visual continuity and repetition that feels thoughtful and intentional.

My much-beloved Bungalow 5 pagodas (similar) were in the family room for awhile but I’ve relocated them back in here atop the Bluffton console table. Again it’s got that nice little modern nod to Hollywood Regency style but still very crisp and clean in the white finish. Take note — the Bluffton’s finish is a tiny bit weathered. it’s not like, say, lacquer that’s totally glossy. This collection definitely could go in a coastal beach house or modern farmhouse/shabby chic-inspired space.  #options

With the four chairs in this room, I’m always needing somewhere to put a drink, or a book, or my laptop. I used two of the Bluffton bunching tables to provide repetition but also function. They’re just the perfect size to squeeze between both pairs of chairs.  They’d also be fun as a pair in lieu of a coffee table.

I still have a wild hair in me to paint this room all white. Gotta get it approved by the Mister, though, first. 😉


Take everything off the walls and get all the accessories out. Take the opportunity to dust anywhere that might’ve been overlooked (I see you, dustbunnies under the couch). Add items back in one-by-one. Try new combinations of things and swap out photos or artwork.

Schedule a donation pickup to help motivate your clean-up.  I use  here in Oklahoma City; it’s so easy to check out their calendar online to see when they’ll be in my area and I can put everything out on my porch for them to grab. Another option in OKC is

One of my favorite tricks for assessing how a space is really working is to snap a photo of it. There’s something about seeing a room in a 2-dimensional image that allows your eye to take in a fresh perspective. It’s one of Simon’s favorite real estate tips when staging a house to sell it, but it’s pretty handy for those who want to get a better handle on their decor too. I guarantee you that you’ll see any problem areas pop right out at you that might’ve been missed otherwise.

Rearrange and have fun with it! Sometimes the best way to feel  like you’ve got a whole new space is to try your furniture in new combinations.


Thanks so much to Bassett Furniture for sponsoring today’s post!  Bassett Furniture has professional designers on hand to help bring customers’ dream piece or dream room come to life. Anyone can book a design appointment today at for an in-store consultation. With their focus on quality you can find a wide selection of beautiful offerings from upholstery to case goods, accessories and more.

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