A Colorful Christmas with the Land of Nod – Plus a giveaway!

Merry & Bright: A Colorful Christmas with Pencil Shavings Studio & The Land of Nod

Are you ready for some seriously colorful Christmas decor? I partnered with my favorite kid-friendly and style-conscious retailer Land of Nod to create our holiday decor this year. And I can’t tell you how much cheer it has brought to our whole family! Back when we had our living room painted, I kept thinking, “Oh man, a white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments is going to look amazing in here at Christmas!” Originally inspired by this colorblocked Christmas tree,  my Holiday Pop-Up shop decor ( those honeycomb lanterns!) was kind of the clincher for the whole look. Aren’t those honeycomb balls absolutely amazing?  I had this vision to create an all white Winter Wonderland with the most stunning display of color ever.

A colorful Christmas with Pencil Shavings Studio and the Land of Nod

Never before in my life have I ever had a tree skirt, and I am absolutely in love with the way this confetti tree skirt looks in the room. I cannot wait to pull this thing out year after year. I  might even wear it –  it’s that cute. And it’s super fun with the matching stockings. Jude comes in every morning to see if the stockings are filled yet (let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, kid!).  I was also pleasantly surprised when I unpackaged the ornaments. Those lovely All the Colors of the Rainbow ornaments are actually paper mache. They’re so glossy and lovely that they look just like glass. But I don’t have to worry about Jude (or, erm, me) breaking them. Win-win.

Land of Nod Christmas Tree decorations and tree skirt at Pencil Shavings Studio

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Honeycomb balls and Land of Nod ornaments on mantel at Pencil Shavings StudioHoneycome decorations and pipecleaner garland at Pencil Shavings Studio

I’m absolutely madly in love with the white trees. I put both the big one and the little one into the family room this year since we’ve got the formal living room cordoned off (read: due to puppy potty training, we don’t even go in the carpeted rooms!). So I let Jude decorate the little one with all his favorite strands of beads, unbreakable ornaments, and every single photo of him and Santa through the years.

Pencil Shavings Studio and JOnathan Adler pillows


Are you a fan of white trees? I feel like they’re just so fresh and whimsical. They bounce the light like crazy in here.

Land of Nod Christmas tree confetti skirt and stripe stockings

Land of nod garland Land of Nod ornaments and confetti skirt Land of Nod ornaments Land of Nod papier mache ornament  land of nod stockings hung by pencil shavings studio christmas 2013  Land of nod tree topper and ornaments Land of Nod turquoise ornament and yellow garland

And looky here  — a teeny tiny reindeer!

Nickels the chihuahua under the tree at pencil shavings studioOrigami land of nod ornamentPencil Shavings Studio pillows with Jonathan Adler st tropez pillow  Shiny and Brite ornament


I really am tempted to leave this all up after Christmas. It makes my color-loving heart happy!  But the Land of Nod wants your holiday to be merry & bright, too, so they’re giving away a $50 online gift card! Yippee!!  Check out all the fun ways to enter below.

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  • Candice

    So fun!

  • JuliebW

    This is amazing! Love all the bright colors and how those can still be festive!

  • may

    I love plain old matte metallic ornaments!

  • I love all the color!

  • Jennifer Tucker Thurman

    i LOVE their all of the colors of the rainbow ornament set.

  • Brittney Orr

    I love the felt details, so cute!

  • the yellow felt star!

  • Eve H

    I love all the colors.

  • Carla Reed

    The ones my four year old makes with salt dough : )

  • laalicia

    gorgeous! love all the color! That little chihuahua looks almost like a little fawn in the middle of it all — adorable! 😉

  • Serena

    I love the teal star tree topper!

  • Sierra M.

    I love the colorful garland 🙂

  • Alycia

    I love the gift bow felt ornaments!

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    I tend to go with simple, white/black, white/gold and I LOVE this, makes me want to add way more color! Beautiful!! (my fav ornament is a hand blown glass one i picked up in Savannah GA)

  • Katina Baarslag

    This looks so great!

  • Kimberly Smith

    The felt bow ornaments are my favorite!

  • Stacy G

    Wow I love this! My 3 year old said it looks like a christmas tree treat lol I love the ornaments with the big sequins! Gorgeous

  • Autum

    I love the little origami folded star looking ones. We have a bunch of star wars ornaments on our tree that my boys made and right now they’re all my favorite. 🙂

  • Liz s.

    Love all the color! Wow!! The pipe cleaner chain is a fun idea too..

  • Chelsey Timson

    amazing!! I absolutely adore this! It’s so clean & festive at the same time! You are mightily talented!

  • venina

    felt ornaments are my favorite!

  • lilila

    Very neat ornaments

  • I got a Christmas ornament from the Nelson Atkins museum in Kansas City this summer on our honeymoon road trip, and I’m so excited to get a tree this year so we can use it!

  • My favorite ornaments are the ones that my mom gave me a few years back from my childhood – not sure if I could pick just one favorite!

  • Taylor

    Love this!!!

  • Janie Goodman

    I have two favorite ornaments. The one and only family trip my parents took me on before they divorced was to Colorado. We went to Santa’s Workshop on Pike’s Peak and I picked out a red stained-glass stick horse. My husband and I went to Colorado for our honeymoon and he took me back to Santa’s Workshop where I picked out a red stained-glass heart.

  • Lisa R

    I have all the ornaments I grew up with from my mom. Some I made as a child. They are all my faves.

  • I made an ornament with our wedding invitation cut into strips and put into a glass globe. It’s my favorite to put up every year!

  • Brittany f

    Love the white tree

  • Beth P

    My favorite ornament: Two bells tied together with leather. My first grade teacher made them for all of the students after reading Polar Express.

  • Kristin

    Love the pipe cleaner chain, so cute and easy! Also, those puppies!!

  • Katrina

    Love your white Christmas tree filled with color! We went with lots of color this year too, doesn’t it just feel more fun! 🙂

  • Tiya Bolding-LaCroix

    Love, Love, Love!

  • LaNeale Robertson

    I love Radko ornaments!!! Hubs buys me one each year that we have been married!

  • Sarah

    On my tree, I have some colorful, glitterized (I think I just made that word up) butterflies. They are a sweet reminder of summer, and my sister, who gave them to me!

  • The felt star and sequin ball are fabulous!
    Actually it all is, I am IN LOVE!

  • Melissa ‘Cauthron’ Tribuzi

    Um, too hard to choose, I love them ALL!!!

  • Linzy

    This is so cute! My favorite ornaments are from my grandma 🙂 She gave me a barbie ornament each year!

  • jess {creative index}

    I love our collection of Frosty Friends! My dad started collecting them when they first came out and they just add so much fun and great memories to my tree!

  • Jenna O

    I love our felt star 🙂

  • This is awesome!!! 🙂 I love the “just married” car ornament we have. 🙂

  • Gina

    I have a felt elephant with sequins that was my Grandmother’s that I love. Looks better than it is!

  • bittystarr

    my favorite christmas ornament is a small wooden angel I inherited from my grandmother.

  • Ellie

    I don’t have a favorite ornament, as my holiday decor includes a menorah and dreidels, BUT in high school I went to my good friend’s family’s Christmas party and exclaimed, “you added a Jewish star for me!” to which my friend replied, “it’s a star of Bethlahem!” Oops. That’s my favorite ornament 🙂

  • Kathryn Caplinger

    A pair of glass slippers because I was given them when I met my Prince Charming!

  • Vanessa

    In love our personalized Christmas ornaments that we get each year. They are all my favorite.

  • JC

    My favorite Christmas ornament is a vintage 40’s pink beauty I found at an estate sale about 15 years ago. <3

  • rachel

    An arctic white fox ornament — long story, but our neighbors used to actually have a live (adorable!) arctic fox that I fell in love with

  • elzatelzabelz

    I have lots of ornaments I love, but my favorite is the Jonathan Adler Dove ornament I got this year.

  • Summer Bonner

    My Favorite is my Old World Christmas Candy Cane House.

  • Erin

    My favorite Christmas ornament is a big gaudy, glittery snow-couple sitting atop a wedding cake that was given to me by my mother-in-law to commemorate our wedding which was just after Christmas.

  • Rayray Cartucci

    I love some of our really old ornaments from my grandmother’s tree. The new ones I like are usually sparkly or cute little animal ornaments

  • D Schmidt

    My favorite is a handmade footprint ornament.

  • Janet Watson

    My favorite is the Jack Russell Terrier angel dog ornament!

  • My favorite ornaments are my hand-blown glass balls in various shades of blue. Oh, and the black and white polka dot balls I made this year!

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