And then there were two.

In further puppy news (I promise I’m not becoming a dog blog), we’ve now increased our ranks from one to two. Yes, that’s right.

TWO PUPPIES. Twinsies!!

My poor mom – she’s had a heck of a time lately – she’s had the shingles now TWICE –  and even though she really wanted to be able to take care of the little brown puppy, she just couldn’t make it work. So I was more than happy to step in and help out. So now we have the two. And surprisingly, it’s going swimmingly. They are happy as clams together and can’t get enough togetherness. They’ve got a built-in playmate and sleeping buddy, so they’re not even crying anymore at night. WIN WIN.

So meet Coco and Nickels. The Magnificent Duo.



In further news, we’re having Jude’s birthday party this weekend. Being the Angry Birds Star Wars devotee that he is, naturally that’s the theme that we’re going with for the party.

Except that it’s almost the world’s most difficult theme ever. I designed his invitations and used the regular Angry Birds, which apparently was ALL WRONG and they weren’t Star Wars-y enough.  GREAT. I’m kind of missing the days when I could choose the theme myself. Hopefully he’ll be happy with the final result.

This weekend:

Don’t forget to check out the Land of Nod & Honest’s big giveaway. Have you seen our Pinterest board yet?

New personalized notecards have been added to the shop!!

Now that it’s fall, I’m wearing my favorite J.Crew pants ever nonstop. I even ordered another pair in navy.

Have you decorated any pumpkins yet? Here are my favorites

See you all Monday!


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