Jude’s First Day of (Real) School

On Tuesday night, Simon and I found ourselves sitting in parent orientation for Jude’s school.

Also known as that time where you sit back and wonder where the last few years of your life have gone.

We sat there and kept whispering back & forth, “Can you believe we’re doing this? We’re not old enough to have a kid in school, are we?”

Apparently we are. And the happy little camper officially began this week, all cheery-eyed and newly-backpacked.

The night before, we were excitedly telling Jude all about his new school. “And they have a library! And an awesome playground! And a cafeteria!”

And then, I kid you not, the sweet boy looks up at us and says, “And do they have a Starbucks too?”

“No, baby. They don’t. This isn’t college.”

When we finally arrived at school, he nudged a little closer to me. “Mom,”he whispered. “I think I might be a little bit shy.”

I assured my firstborn darling who-is-running-for-mayor-of-life that it was okay to be shy, but I knew once he got in the room, he’d be fine. And sure enough, he started kissing babies and shaking hands the minute he got in the room.

So despite the fact that there was no Starbucks, I did let Jude in on a little secret that I had up my sleeve for a special treat. EngageOKC and Green Goodies invited us to come for a special first week of school cupcake date, and I was happy to oblige. We spent the morning doing a little arts & crafts project (hence his blue-painted OKC shirt – sigh), grabbed a little lunch, and then headed to Green Goodies.  I have to confess my complete love and adoration of Green Goodies’ delicious organic cupcakes. In addition to their standard fare of deliciously delectable offerings, they also are doing a huge service to OKC by baking up delicious gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. I’m also a fan of their mini cupcakes that are perfect for school birthday parties – oh, and they did the cupcakes for my Oscar party this year too, come to think of it!

If their cupcakes alone weren’t enough to keep me coming back, their new location and the stunning interiors totally seal the deal for me. Seriously – I could shoot photos in there all day long. The light is gorgeous and it’s such a happy, girlie kind of space.


In the end, I was kinda surprised, but he went with their frozen yogurt. But me? Well, this one below spoke to me:

But then after he’d had his fro-yo treat, he was feeling nostalgic for the cupcakes. And I get that, you know? I was already feeling nostalgic for the salted caramel cupcake that was now residing happily in my tummy.  Tiffany was sooo gracious to give Jude a special treat to take home with him – definitely above & beyond!

All in all, it’s been a very memorable start to the schoolyear. I still can’t believe my baby is big enough to go to school.  Pass the tissues, would you?

And maybe another cupcake, too.


A big thank you to Green Goodies for having us!  We LOVE you!

Find them here:
onlineGreen Goodies
in person: Classen Curve.  5840 N. Classen Blvd,  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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