School Daze

After last week’s orientation sessions, today was the first official actual real day of regular school for Jude, marked by actually participating in the carpool and dropping J off at the curb of the building. This has been exciting to me on numerous levels, mostly because the school facility is so large that it takes a huge chunk of time to get in and out of the building. So on an ease scale, I was looking forward to this.

What I did not anticipate, however, was the sight of my very excited big boy, with backpack on and lunchbox in hand, bravely marching toward the building with all the other children. I found myself in the car melting into a puddle of emotion, and I inched the car forward slowly until I could no longer see his little red head scoot in the building.

Then I slowly drove the car to the exit, and I prayed aloud. “Jesus, I know that boy isn’t really mine – he’s Yours. You’ve given to me to take care of and to raise to fly the nest. But ohhhh man, this is tough! Keep that boy close to You!”

Completely unexpected emotion. And again this afternoon, when I went to pick him up, I was giddy as could be, all amped up to hear every.last.detail about his precious little day.

The more I get into this motherhood business, the more I want to call my mom and tell her thank you for every single last thing she has ever done for me.  Mothers are the best.

Now I’m sitting here another big ball of boohoo-ey mush. Somebody pass the tissues, please? Again?


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