4 things I’ve devoured lately


Last week Simon and I laid in bed and cried laughing after stumbling on the Netflix show Elder Millennial. Comedienne Iliza is sharp, savvy and uproariously funny. DO NOT miss this one. And we’re all adults, so expect adult language — not one for the kiddos.


I’m not a huge fan of bedskirts, and I needed a bedframe for the new bedroom at the lake that didn’t stick out very far. I loved the look of this Modway platform bedframe. The price point was great at less than $150 for a queen so I took a chance on it. It was surprisingly sturdy and pretty impressive, so I ordered a king size one for our main house as our bed here had a super sad adjustable bed frame that has seen better days. Plus it was just flat-out ugly.

I love the clean lines and it didn’t take me very long at all to assemble. Definitely a homerun.


Guys, I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to see a movie. Crazy Rich Asians and its two sequels were my favorite books from last year. Whipsmart and funny, it was a fascinating read into a culture that frankly I know next to nothing about. And of course I was thrilled to see that it made it to the movie theaters.  Anyway, it was the most fun that I’ve had in a movie in forever. Don’t you feel like there’s been so much blergh and blahhh at the movies lately? I don’t want another terrible sad war epic, or drug lord storyline, or comic book reinterpretation. Like do we really need another reboot of SpiderMan or superhero du jour? Bring back the (smart) romantic comedy already!

Go see Crazy Rich Asians immediately. Promise you’ll have all the fun — and read the books too, if you haven’t already. Because although the movie is great, as always the books are even better.


I’ve been a part of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program for approximately 73 years. #notanexaggeration  It’s undoubtedly one of the best (not to mention only) loyalty programs that I can actually keep track of AND continually reap the benefits from. Anyway, their big VIB sale is happening from today til September 3rd and it’s a great opportunity to stock up on anything you might need through the end of the year.

All VIB members will receive access to shop event products at 15% off with code YESVIB, and Beauty Insider members will be able to shop the same at 10% off with code YESINSIDER.

Not a Sephora Beauty Insider Member? No worries! You can sign up for free. DO IT DO IT DO IT.

You might remember how I’ve been going on and on about my newfound obsession with next-level skincare. Look, the older I get the more I want my skin to look as good as it can. AND I need my skincare items to do more than just smell and/or feel good. These are all my favorites that have helped my redness-prone, dry skin AND I’ve also included some of the gift sets that have the little mini sample sizes. Sometimes you just want to test something out without committing to the big size (and bigger price tag).

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