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Stranger Things! Real estate stalking! Winter moisturizers for the driest skin!  Internet, we’ve been in what feels like the Neverending Sickness Cycle, and that mixed with the gray dreariness that is February have me longing for spring and sunshine.  Part of it is that February is simply the worst of the winter months in many ways — and I’m saying that as someone who loves the chilliness of the colder months. But by this point, I’ve forgotten what my bare legs look like and how miserable everyone is in August when it’s 109 degrees outside and we would give our left arms to feel the frigid temps of winter.

Since there’s nothing to do in the dead of winter, we fell down the Netflix rabbit hole of Stranger Things over the weekend.  Internet, I cannot even with scary movies. I don’t do horror. I don’t like true crime. I don’t like any of it. But dang – Stranger Things was so crazy well done, and in a single weekend we binged the entire series. So imagine my surprise (horror?) when I woke up one night around 1am and there was Archer, standing right next to the bed staring into my face, like some kind of creepy doll. Turns out he had an earache – but it gave me a petit heart attack right then and there.


Elsewhere, I got the news last week that Archer has been accepted for preschool in the fall. He’ll go for two days a week, all day, and I have to tell you, Internet, I am pretty excited about this. I had initially requested three days, and I guess there wasn’t any room for him for that many, which bummed me out to be perfectly honest, but oh well. It will be fine. He’s ready, I’m ready, we’re all ready. Routine is what keeps us going.

I’m also excited to go back to Weight Watchers today for the first time in a couple of weeks and I CANNOT WAIT. I’ve had to miss due to sickness and traveling back and forth to Carlton Landing and I need the kick in the pants to stay on task.


Speaking of Carlton Landing, I’ve been photographing projects down there like crazy, which is great because it means I’m able to help fund the master bedroom addition to the house there. And now that it’s all coming to fruition, I’m able to picture how we’ll furnish it, etc. I’ve been designing nonstop, not only for us and our house project, but also for a client with a brand new, empty house. I can’t wait to show you what we’re doing there, but it’s coming together. The porch in particular is out of control fab.

I’ll also be peeking into some of the biggest houses in CL over the next few weeks as I’m photographing several of the projects of one of the CL builders. I LOVE getting to see into peoples’ homes, how they decorate, what their view is like. It fulfills all my open house fantasies. haha

Oh, I also keep meaning to mention that I was interviewed on a post at 360 Blue Properties (remember THIS gorgeous house?!) about the top interior design trends in 2018. And yes, I do have opinions on THAT color of the year. So don’t miss that!


Internet, I am 36-going-on-37 (doesn’t have quite the same ring as that song from The Sound of Music) and in the past two years, I’m seeing how my face is starting to change. Wrinkles, age spots – the whole shebang. IT IS HAPPENING.  Then a week or two ago, I was applying face goop to my skin and Archer says, “Whatcha doin’?” I said, “I’m putting lotion on my wrinkles.” And he was like “Oh! On your sprinkles??” And I died right there of the cuteness.

My skin is dry and fair; I’ve got plenty of freckles and it tends to get red easily. So I’m always on the hunt for things to keep me moisturized. Around the holidays I fell in love with Biossance’s Squalane & Vitamin C Rose oil and have used it religiously, both morning and night. I could tell such a difference in my skin, and I’ve had other people stop me to tell me how glowy my complexion is. So it’s totally a winner in my book.

But! Then I got a sample of the Sunday Riley cult favorites, Good Genes + Luna Oil. It’s full of stuff like retinol and lactic acid and each product is great on their own, but when you combine them? WOWZA. I did my evening routine of washing my face, and then applying a few drops of the Luna Oil, and then applying Good Genes. HOLY MOISTURIZATION, BATMAN. When I woke up the next morning, I could not believe how crazy good my skin looked. I am totally a believer, and it is just ridiculous because this stuff ain’t cheap, y’all. The good news is that the Luna Oil lasts for-ev-er. It’s the Good Genes that gets sucked up pretty quickly.  I also tried a sample at Sephora of the CEO Brightening Serum, and it’s pretty amazing too.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m finally at what I guess is The Next Level of Skincare. And it is $$$. But man, it definitely works! (Also, 21 year old Rachel, why did you not wear more sunscreen?!?!?!)

with love,

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