3 Design Podcasts I’m listening to (and 4 more worth catching)


Like the rest of the universe, I’m listening to all kinds of podcasts these days. I’m a fan of interesting storytelling, anything design-related, and if you’ve got a sense of humor, all the better.


Young House Love Has a Podcast

Perpetually upbeat and happy, you can’t beat the Petersiks for practical know-how mixed with a dash of humor and real life perspectives. I am always excited to see a new episode of YHLHAP in my queue, and I love the different segments they put together.

Which episodes to listen to: erm, all of them. They’re all so fun!

Ballard Designs’ How to Decorate

Interesting interviews with tastemakers and Southern drawls. What’s not to love? Organized by the team at Ballard Designs, the Atlanta-based podcasters bring their mic along on trips to market and other events where they catch designers, editors, and other influencers for interviews.

Must listen: the interview with Sophie Donelson of House Beautiful, and the episode with Miles Redd. 

After the Jump

While not in production anymore, Grace Bonney of DesignSponge fame put together a fantastic creative lineup of interviews, features, and how-tos. It’s a great one to keep around especially if you need a creative kick in the pants.

Favorite episodes: #83 Overcoming Fear, #66 How to Right Your Wrongs, #96 How to Make the Most of the Holidays for Your Business


NPR’s How I Built This

Multiple IG peeps said this was a must-listen, and I am totally hooked. I love hearing the stories behind brands that are now hugely successful and everybody’s path is so different. Guy Raz asks straightforward but thoughtful questions, and the interviews aren’t terribly long.

Do not miss: Kate & Andy Spade, Dry Bar, Airbnb, Barbara Corcoran. The list goes on and on. SO GOOD.

Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing

I could listen to Alec Baldwin’s voice all day long. His interviews run the gamut from entertainment people to practically anyone else you can think of in the news. My favorite ones are fellow entertainment industry veterans. He’s funny, thoughtful, and a great interviewer.

Smartest Person in the Room

Laura Tremaine was one of my favorite bloggers until she shut down Hollywood Housewife a few years ago. But her podcast made it worth the wait to see what she’d come up with next. Each season focuses on a specific topic or theme. Season 1 was about Hollywood and felt like a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into an industry few of us are privy to. Season 2 was about religion (do NOT miss the one on Mormons if you’re a fan of all the design bloggers who seem to all be LDS) and Season 3 was an interesting and unexpected spin on how things go viral on the internet. Laura’s interviewing style is respectful, insightful, and curious in all of these thought-provoking interviews.

A Well Designed Business

Totally cheesy intro music (like, it was almost a deal breaker for me), but smart interviews with interior designers from around the country. Great if you’re thinking about getting into the interiors biz.

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