Summer Bookshelf: What Are You Reading?

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I’m hunting new books to read poolside this summer (let’s all take a minute and have a hearty laugh about that. Go ahead. I’ll wait) or in reality, during naptime or after the kids have gone to bed. Because there is no poolside reading with a toddler in tow, amiright?

On the way to the lake last week, I caught up on the Sorta Awesome podcast, in particular the episode on what the hosts are reading this summer. I added the Neapolitan series to my list (via Laura Tremaine) and took her suggestion to disregard the cheezball covers. 😉

So what are you reading this summer? I want something light and easy.

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  • Erin Griffiths

    I just finished I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh and cannot recommend it enough. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld was also fabulous and perfect poolside reading. And I just started Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers and already want to call in sick and spend the day devouring the pages. (The Royal We is on your list above, and it is another easy breezy book.)