Spring Break: The You & Me Trip


A spring break staycation in the technicolor home I grew up in. www.pencilshavingsstudio.comA few months back when I was pregnant with Archer, the question of spring break kept coming up with Jude. He wanted to go on a Disney cruise again, which was definitely not a go considering the baby would only be two months old or so.

So Simon came up with a grand plan to take a guys’ trip somewhere, just him and Jude. And it was christened – by Jude – the “You & Me Trip.” As in, “when do we go on our trip, Dad, just you and me?”

With that, the plans were made and last weekend Jude and Simon flew to southern California for an adventure in LA as well as Disneyland and Legoland. Meanwhile, Archer and I came out to my parents’ house for a staycation in their technicolor house that I grew up in.

Gold sequin Miu Miu pointy toe flats on chinoiserie carpet - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

We had the best time snuggling, consuming lots of ice cream, sleeping in (one day we slept til 10am!), going to bed early, taking walks around the neighorhood, and eating really really well. In short, it was heaven. Baby heaven. Mom and Dad loved on the baby nonstop and we made daily outings to do things like buy bathmats at Target. 2015-03-14 11.50.332015-03-14 20.22.05

When Jude was born and released from the NICU, we basically moved in with my parents for over a month. I was such a mess after the trouble we’d had. My mom would rock Jude in her chair for hours all night long and stuff him full of milk and make proclamations like “that’s not a stinky diaper. His poop is precious and doesn’t stink.”  Which she has proclaimed for all 8 grandbabies now, including Archer. But thankfully this time I’m not the hot mess I was with Jude – this has just been sweet and lovely.

2015-03-15 10.00.16 2015-03-16 08.30.31 IMG_7244 IMG_7242March_18__2015_at_0742PMWe’re ready for Jude and Simon to come home, but this has been such a special time with my parents and this fresh little newborn baby. There’s been so much love in this house over my lifetime and I’m happy to introduce Archer to this technicolor explosion of color that was so influential to me.


with love,

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