Real estalking at Carlton Landing


As you know, Internet, I am well versed in the ways of real estate stalking, or as I prefer to call it, real estalking. My theory is that this is due in part to a childhood spent attending open houses on Sunday afternoons with my older sister and her husband while they were newlyweds and househunting for their first place in Oklahoma City.  Maybe that’s why I love interiors so much – I love seeing how different people live.

Freudian tangent: for twenty years now, I continue to have random dreams where I’m caught in the middle of looking through people’s houses and I’m trying to sheepishly explain that no, I’m not stealing anything. I’M JUST LOOKING AT YOUR FURNITURE, OK?   No need to call the cops.

What does this mean, Internet?

Anyway. I was hired a few weeks ago to shoot some of the houses in Carlton Landing, both for the real estate office and for the hospitality group. I shot a total of five houses in two days and it was so fun to me. They’re all so cute and happy, and I figured you guys would appreciate a good real estalking post too.

Hop over to the Carlton Landing blog for all the inspiration pix and pin away to your heart’s content.

Oh! And I created a new Instagram account for our house there. Follow along at Boardwalk Bungalow and get all the details on how to rent here.


with love,

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