Weight Watchers: FAQ

I’ve been getting lots of the same questions about Weight Watchers, and while I answered a lot of them on Instagram Stories (which you can still view in the highlights if you’re so inclined), I thought it might also be helpful for those of you who prefer a good ol’ blog post chock full of information. Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments and I will add them to the post!



What’s the difference between just doing online vs going to meetings?

In my opinion, it’s the accountability. Many people have great success only being online members (you still get access to the app and their own online social media platform), but for me, I needed the accountability of going in to the meeting every week, stepping on the scale in front of somebody, etc. A few veteran WW members are online-only and they do just fine. I think it depends on what your personality type is like.

And on that subject, going to meetings is NOT an exercise in humiliation. It’s all very discreet: you wait in line to go into an individual little booth where you’re privately weighed in. It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Nobody can see what your weight is and they don’t, like, ring a bell or something if you’ve lost or gained or something. Fear not – – it really is fine!

How much time do you spend planning meals? Do the kids/fam eat the same meal as you?

I’m a TERRIBLE meal planner. I waffle in making my plan and sticking to it, but I’ve been trying really hard to have a consistent schedule. I find that if I can sit down at the beginning of the month and plan it all out, allowing for all our different activities, travel, etc, then I’m much less stressed out. At the bare minimum, I plan it all a week in advance and order my groceries online via Shipt to have everything delivered on Mondays. LOVE it. It’s saved me SO MUCH TIME.

And for the most part, the rest of the family eats the same as me. But that’s a loaded question because my kids are crazy picky. I think it’s anything I make them instantly makes them suspicious. I swear, I could make Chick fil A chicken nuggets identical to the real deal and they’d still think I was poisoning them. BLERGH.

Do you ever feel hungry?

Absolutely. And if I’m hungry, I eat something. But am I walking around suffering and hungry all the time? No! I’ll say it again: If I’m hungry, I eat.  And if I need to keep it on the low-points side, I go for fruit or turkey or something along those lines.  In the beginning, those first couple of weeks were the hardest because I was making a major lifestyle change. But I also realized that I was hungry all the time because I was choosing to eat things that didn’t fill me up. So now, it’s about fiber and protein. The best part is that  I don’t have those crazy blood sugar drops that made me feel anxious and panicky like I need to eat RIGHT NOW anymore!

Do you still track everything you eat or do you keep a mental daily estimate?

I got lazy towards the latter part of 2017 and started keeping a mental daily estimate. But I also wasn’t losing very much. When Freestyle kicked in at the beginning of December, it shook up my daily points, which meant I started tracking in earnest again since so many things switched up in how much they were worth. It was awesome because it forced me to track regularly. Tracking equals success.  And I’m totally saying that to myself right now to remind me because sometimes it’s hard to stay accountable.

Favorite WW friendly restaurant?

Ooh, good question. We love to eat out. I personally love Zoe’s Kitchen and can always find things there that I like and that don’t eat up all my points. I also eat Chickfila with the boys but it’s pretty easy to get a fruit cup and grilled chicken strips for basically 1 point. I don’t drink soda, but I do like unsweet iced tea.


Sometimes! Depends on if I over-do it on the carbs. That usually eats up my points pretty quickly as that’s my drug of choice.  I also have 2 Nespresso lattes every morning, and that eats up a few points depending on what type of milk I use. If I use almond milk, it’s only 1 point, but it’s kinda meh (GIMME THE DAIRY). If I use regular whole milk, it’s a whopping 7 points. I’ve found my happy medium is to use Fairlife 2% milk. I can have a cup for 4 points. A nice compromise.


popcorn (with cinnamon! or the trader joe’s stuff) but want to try this ranch popcorn recipe.

Plain Fage 0% greek yogurt with a few drops of liquid stevia, some chia seeds and a few chocolate chips

Suzie’s Thin Cakes – snack crackers. Kinda like rice cakes and then you can add different toppings to it: peanut butter, cream cheese, regular sliced cheese, whatever.

grapes & cheese

fruit – harder in the winter

chocolate rice cakes if I want something crunchy and sweet

hardboiled eggs & cheese

deli turkey

HaloTop ice cream – But be warned: some of the flavors aren’t good.  I like the salted caramel (divine), chocolate chip cookie dough, or the pancake & waffles flavor if you’re a maple syrup fan.



Ohh man. Anything from Skinny Taste. Her recipes are so delicious and low cal.  I highly HIGHLY recommend her cookbooks:
Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes and her original cookbook The Skinnytaste Cookbook.

southwest egg rolls – to die for. YOu don’t need an air fryer if you have a convention oven.

Baked potato soup

Kodiak Cake pancakes – they’re high protein and they are DELICIOUS. The dark chocolate ones are particularly divine, and they also make a cornbread mix that I adore.  That’s a link to Amazon, but you can find them at Target and most of the larger grocery stores.

Omelettes — I LOVE making a yummy egg white omelette (it’s a texture thing) and filling it with all kinds of good stuff.

Grilled bananas w/ nutella & dark chocolate shavings

Ground chicken burgers – you can pack them with so much flavor. I personally love doing sauteed onions and garlic in them, but they’re low-cal and so yummy.

3 ingredient bagels!! You won’t believe how delicious these are, especially warm, straight out of the oven.

These were great for when I needed a pasta hit.

I’m planning on making this later in the week. Archer loves soup, so it seems like a win-win.



Good question! It depends on a few things. Is it a special occasion worth splurging on? Trips like Las Vegas where it’s just me and Simon and there are some pretty spectacular restaurants make the splurge worth it. HOWEVER, we were also walking over 20,000 steps a day, which worked out to almost 10 miles. Trips to NYC have also been pretty similar.  I also have to mentally prep that my goal is important to me and plan ahead for times when I might feel anxious or trapped when traveling. It’s frustrating to go on an airplane and get stuck sitting on the tarmac or feel like you have no options for good food when you’re in the airport. A banana or a Quest bar helps me out in those scenarios. #anxioustraveler

Weekends are tricky. I weigh in on Wednesday mornings, so I try to eat pretty clean on the weekdays and let myself use up the weekly points on the weekends. On Sunday night and into Monday, it’s back to eating better and Tuesday is all about not eating anything that would cause me to retain a bunch of water for my weigh in on Wednesday.


No — I simply don’t have a ton of margin in my life right now to make exercise a priority. But I do eat 3 times a day. I’d like to start bicycling more regularly in the warmer weather, though. It’s my favorite.





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