Fall 2017 One Room Challenge Kickoff

Internet! It’s One Room Challenge time!  I’m suuuuuper excited about this round and because I’m crazy, I’m working on two rooms instead of one.  Jude’s room is getting a serious makeover — no more nursery/little boy style. With his tenth birthday approaching in fast form, it’s time for him to have a little style refresh. Something he can grow up with a bit!

Jude’s room is unique and it’s what sold me on the house when we first saw it. It’s a combination – the bedroom with closet, and then attic space that was opened up by the previous owner to create a playroom space. It’s been many things over the years, but it’s such a fun, flexible room. It’s what I would have dreamed of when I was little, and the second I laid eyes on it in 2008, I knew this was a home for kids to grow up in.

Full disclosure: the room NEVER looks this clean or organized. And it looks much brighter in here in the photo than it does IRL. It’s pretty dark, and the blue paint doesn’t really help matters. It was the first room I painted in this house, and I did a suuuuuper crappy job after looking at it.

In addition to Jude’s room/playroom, we also have an upstairs living room that all 3 bedrooms open up onto. In previous incarnations, this room has functioned as my combined office/playroom (you may remember the makeover we did back in 2013 with the Land of Nod – it was one of my favorite projects!), but our needs are changing significantly as the boys get older. We recently moved a TV in there so the Xbox and alllll the kid things can cohabit together. I was getting sick of nonstop YouTube, Netflix, and SpongeBob blaring in the background  so it’s been a great way to keep the family room downstairs from feeling out of control and give them some autonomy to have their own space together.   It’s definitely time for a refresh.

Colorful living & play room -


Here’s how the upstairs floorplan is laid out. There’s one full bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and the upstairs living room with 2 dormer windows and windowseats.



For Jude’s room, we’re doing a bunk bed and a new dresser. We’re also cleaning out his closet (bye bye, baby clothes and toys that we’ve hoarded for ages!) and organizing all of his stuff. I just had the room painted all white last week before we went to NYC and now to get it all pulled together with fresh bedding, artwork, and ways to display his favorite things. He also wants a desk of his very own.  In the playroom area, I want to put our vintage emerald green velvet sofa and his new dresser — kind of like a grown-up lounge.

Meanwhile, out in the living room, I’m planning on creating a combination lounge space with a sofa I’m having reupholstered from Craigslist as well as a banquette with a table, great for games or homework.

Ok, that does it for week 1! It’s gonna be a DOOZY but it’s going to be stunning.


The One Room Challenge comes together very quickly, but it wouldn’t be possible without some major help from these fantastic sponsors. Thanks for supporting these brands that I love!

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