4 colorful, memorable moments in New York City

Gucci chiavari chairs! Van Gogh Starry Night!

Editor’s note: It feels like the whole world is going crazy, doesn’t it? Sometimes lately I feel like I can’t even listen to the news or social media. So many loud voices and loud feelings, right?  So I’m putting something out there that’s lovely and happy today.  Something beautiful that feeds our souls.

We were in New York City most of last week for the Better Homes & Gardens’ Stylemaker event, and when Simon asked what I wanted to do while we were there, I said that I needed to see something beautiful – something different from what I’m looking at everyday. And of course, New York doesn’t disappoint.  Even a mere twenty-four hours in New York is infinitely inspirational and a good reminder that sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.


True story: in all the times we’ve gone to New York, we’ve somehow missed hitting the Museum of Modern Art. I think Jude and Simon were kinda meh on the whole thing until we got there. And then? It was on. So much goodness around every corner. My personal favorite is all of the Matisse paintings. He was one of my favorites when I lived in Paris for all the color and texture — not to mention all of his beautiful flat takes on interiors. Have you ever noticed how many rooms appear in his pieces?

Jude, meet Rothko. Rothko, meet Jude.

The Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit was endlessly inspiring. The man designed every last thing he touched and I couldn’t get enough of those Schumacher fabric samples (newly re-released again, btw — check out this fab pillow). He might’ve been a total egomaniac, but wow. The talent is nothing short of genius.


The home decor floor at Bergdorf Goodman is always inspiring — with a hand on the pulse of all things design-y, it’s a can’t-miss stop. And if you’re kid-free, then please allow me to live vicariously through you and enjoy tea in that stunning restaurant overlooking the park. I mean, I die. It is so gorgeous.

Anyway! Bergdorf’s did not disappoint. Gucci just launched their home decor collection and wowza – it was a total eye candy moment. These aren’t inexpensive pieces by any means but the inspiration is enormous (see the line here).  So much beautiful velvet in jewel tones. And I’m not 100% certain who did the wallpaper but the colors were so luscious.

Gucci chiavari chairs. YASSSSS.


I know nothing about this other than that it made me smile as we hopped in an Uber into Manhattan.  Beauty is where you look for it!


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