Colorful Playroom w/ the Land of Nod (PLUS! A giveaway)


Let's do color with the Land of Nod -

You guys, I have been on pins & needles – so excited! – to show you this big reveal that I’ve been working on with the Land of Nod. I get really excited about helping people to think about color, especially when it comes to creating shared living spaces.  And luckily enough, the Land of Nod wanted to help out on this transformation. I really cannot say enough nice things about them — I have LOVED working with their lovely team who was willing to help me make a few big dreams come to life.

It’s no secret that I live, eat, breathe, sleep in color. Even dream in it. And so I love pairing up with other brands that are as excited about it as I am. The Land of Nod has really ramped up their game in the past few years with some fantastic product styling and design. As one of the sponsors at Alt Summit this year, it was so much fun to get to know their wonderful creative team (remember the swan?!).  My favorite thing about the Land of Nod brand? They understand parents who don’t want to shelve their style just because they’ve had kids. They offer a colorful variety of home decor items that I would want even if I didn’t have a child. (How many other kid-centric companies can you think of that do that?)  Their design team has done perhaps the hardest job ever by appealing to both kids and adults — and that’s not an easy task.

So. Come take a tour with me – I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done with our upstairs living room.  You’ll remember from previous posts how I’ve transitioned my workspace from the kitchen table (ahem) to our upstairs bonus room. In its previous incarnation, it was basically a large storage room for All the Things We Didn’t Know What to Do With, as well as a junky toy explosion.  And now? A haven of color and fun — the perfect creative space for all of us to hang out. And the best part? I love to see all 3 of us up here in the evenings (away from the TV!) reading, drawing, creating.

Colorful living & play room -

People get really nervous about color in living spaces. I get that – I really do. I’m not afraid of color, but I do love to switch things up on a regular basis, so I can understand the hesitation to commit to a colorscheme. You’ll notice that the palette for this room is navy, white, pink, and yellow. Could it be overwhelming? Absolutely. But the bones of this room — the walls — are white and navy – two pretty conservative colors in the grand scheme of things. I’ve only brought color in through accessories and artwork.  You could add in almost any color with white and navy as the foundation.

What defined the color scheme for this room? I was really attracted to this wide-format canvas map of the world because it included all the colors I had in mind. It’s kind of the defining piece for the rest of the space.   Additionally, by choosing almost all-white furniture, it really allows for flexibility as time goes on. These are the kinds of pieces that we’ll keep forever because they’ll work in almost any space.

Rolling Library Cart - Colorful living & play room -


One of my favorite things about this room is that it adjusts according to our needs. The desk, in particular, is the perfect mix of form and function because it can literally grow with Jude. By offering 3 different heights of legs, you can adjust it as you need it to. Keep it at standing height for the toddlers; we have the medium-sized legs on it now, but eventually we’ll put the large ones on for when Jude needs the desk for homework. Drawers provide places to hide Legos and 3-week old snacks. Just kidding on that last part – kind of.


Wide format washi tape on the wall in this colorful playroom and shared home office of blogger/designer Rachel Shingleton @psstudio

Striped washi taped walls -



Styling Bookshelves with Color -

The gallery wall was the biggest triumph for me. That huge blank expanse of wall has been staring at me for almost five years now, and I am finally 100% thrilled with how it turned out. The key to this look is the consistency of white frames. It would have been overkill to have anything other than white because of the amount of color, not to mention the size and amount of frames. I love how the frames melt into the white walls. They’re practically  invisible.





Whimsical paper clip hooks -


Shop the Look with the Land of Nod - Color -



  1. Hue-nited Nations Map
  2. Geometric Lamp Base in White with Navy Shade
  3. Local Branch Library Cart
  4. Adjustable Height Activity Table w/ Rolling Storage Bins
  5. Locking Blocks Rug in Navy
  6. Stripes Around the Floor Storage Bin

Wheel of Color Canvas
Wired World of Storage Bins (LOVE the industrial look of these & perfect for a variety of storage needs)
Keep it Together Wall Hook (in 4 colors total)

And also,
Industry West Marais children’s chairs


WHEW! I hope you are as inspired as I am! Big thanks to the Land of Nod for making all of this a possibility. BUT! The Land of Nod wants to give you something, too. One of my readers is going to win a $100 gift certificate!  Here’s how it will go —

Seven EIGHT chances to win a $100 Land of Nod gift card and you MUST do it via the Rafflecopter widget below:

  • 3 entries for signing up for the Land of Nod e-mails
  • 2 entries for liking the Land of Nod of Facebook 
  • 2 entries for liking Pencil Shavings on Facebook
  • 1 entry for tweeting about the giveaway


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with love,

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