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I’m late to get this posted (more on that in a sec), but I’m finally ready to show off the reveal of my spring One Room Challenge makeover! (See week 1 // week 2 // week 3 // week 4 // week 5 ).  For those that are just now joining us, welcome to any new readers. I’m Rachel & I’ve never met a color I didn’t love. I’m a graphic designer with a serious love for interiors.

Dash & Albert indoor outdoor rug - Southern style front porch swing daybed - colorful porch - - @psstudio -

Our lake house sits in pretty Carlton Landing on Lake Eufaula in southeastern Oklahoma. It’s two hours from our main home in Oklahoma City, and with it being so rural, sometimes things take longer to arrive than they would normally. At any rate, I’ve learned that being at the lake means we are on lake time, and to lower my expectations. Getting the furniture delivered was no exception (remember when this happened?).  I can’t say enough great things about the team at Crypton and Huntington House for hoofin’ it to get these pieces delivered to us. They worked SO HARD on our behalf!  On Wednesday I got the call that the furniture delivery folks were working to fit us on their delivery truck to Tulsa (not exactly close to Eufaula!) and after much praying and begging and pleading, they agreed to get it to us on Thursday at 8am(!). I happily agreed but privately thought I’d be shocked if they actually delivered ANYTHING at 8am out in the Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma.

So I packed up Archer in the Volvo and picked up my dad and we hauled it on out to the lake. In the meantime, I’d had the living room cleaned out of all the existing furniture, which meant the only thing that was left for Dad to sit in was the Eames lounger knockoff. (I will hold while you roll your eyes. I mean, this is clearly a First World Problem, is it not? WOE IS ME, WHERE SHALL I SIT? BEHOLD! THE FAUX EAMES LOUNGER!)

Archer arose at Dark O’Clock and by 8am, it felt like we’d been awake since The Dawn Of All Time but sure enough, the delivery guys called to say they were in the area, and could we please inform them of how to get to the house again pls? And then everything was happening all at once. They began unwrapping the sectional and it was like Christmas morning. And then they brought in one of the swivel gliders (we have another one en route – it didn’t make it on the truck just yet). And by 9am, the furniture was in place and we were shellshocked, but happy that we finally had somewhere to sit again.


Since it’s an open floor plan, remember that we needed to combine the living and dining all together but maximize the space for hanging out and, well, living. The kitchen is open onto the whole room, and at 1300 square feet, it’s not exactly an enormous house.  Also, the previous furniture really only allowed for 2-3 people to sit comfortably and the rug was much too small.  And it wasn’t bad overall – just disjointed and somewhat blah. I liked the base color scheme of navy and blue against all the white, but I wanted it to be calmer and a little more chic.


I’m still waiting on a few pieces (roman shades for the front windows and a shelf for the corner pictured above) , but overall I am THRILLED with the direction this room is heading. We have more than doubled our existing seating and the scale of the furniture fits so much better than the previous ones.

And it’s a good thing we are getting a pair of these swivel gliders because they are so darn comfy. I couldn’t get Dad to get out of that chair to give me a turn! 😉

The Restoration Hardware sconces are installed and fully functioning. Without a ton of room for table lamps (the open floor plan strikes again!), it makes better sense to have permanently placed ambient light.

When the other swivel chair comes in from Huntington House, the faux Eames will get scooted around somewhere. I love it too much to get rid of it even though it’s lost a few buttons in the past 3 years.

I love all the pops of bright coral.

The Play the Day Away piece from Minted makes me so happy!

And look! Harry the Fiddle Leaf Fig is still alive and thriving!

Archer has already baptized the new furniture with his sippy cups and my Dad was immediately sweating over it. But then he remembered that it was all Crypton fabric and that we could pour motor oil on it practically. I think it’s all going to wear so well especially with renters in and out.

Ok, I’ve got another post coming with more details and info on how to get ahold of everything, but since I’m already behind with this it was time to get it up and running! Next week we’ll take a look at a few more things about the room.


Special thanks to the amazing sponsors who are willing to help me realize my vision for the room. I couldn’t complete this challenge without the gracious help these wonderful brands.

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