Jude in the City

Times, they be a-changing. In the four years since we first took Jude to Manhattan, he’s grown up in so many ways. I watched him on this particular trip, easily chatting with anybody who came in his path. And even though it was sweltering the first day, he was wrapped up in his favorite Seaside sweatshirt like “NBD, guys.” Then for the rest of the trip, he sported his OU gear nonstop.

A few favorites from this trip included going up in the Empire State Building one evening late.


Oh hey. We also learned that Simon reallllllly doesn’t like heights.

Jude, howevs, would probably climb up the Empire State Building like King Kong if we let him.

And on the last day, a long, lazy walk through Central Park capped off the entire trip. Here he’s in what I like to call EuroJude™ mode, with his sweatshirt casually draped and tied around his shoulders.

I’m going to devote a whole post to the ahhhhmahhhzing hotel we stayed at in Brooklyn, but a few snaps in the meantime. Our room opened up onto a gigantic terrace that only the rooms around us could access. It was like having the most perfect patio just for us.

And the rooftop infinity pool overlooking lower Manhattan? Well, that was pretty unforgettable.


Dear Time, could you pls slow down? Because my preemie baby is looking like a teenager, and is as tall as elderly old women. GAHHHH.



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