Studio Sketchpad: Vol 2 - Pencil Shavings Sketchbook vol 2

This week’s sketchpad is a mishmash of pretty things as we head into spring. So many great creatives out there making their mark on the world.

I’ve long been a fan of The Mrs. Box – there’s just something about the tiny velvet boxes in a dizzying array of candy colors, not to mention the pretty baubles found within.  I have a tiny collection of 3 boxes, and they never cease to make me happy. A great way to keep your gems and jewels organized on vacation, too, I might add. Get yours personalized with a single or double monogram. - Velvet jewelry boxes with custom monogram - The Mrs Box - one of my favorite things - perfect engagement gift or for the jewelry lover.

Helpful information if you’ve ever struggled with communicating with your hairdresser.

Have we talked about these Dutch Renaissance emojis? I can’t remember – I’ve told so many people. Anyway, makes me laugh so hard, and all my BFFs use them. A picture is worth a thousand words. “A recent update to the app added ten expressions, including “scornful glare,” and “plaintive gaze.”

Majorly crushing on Geschardt’s new collection of fabrics by the yard. So much goodness.

A retro inspired phone -

I can’t stop laughing at this awesome vintage-inspired wall mount pay phone at Nordstrom. It comes in 3 different colors and if you still have a landline at your house, why not? Plus it has a working coin slot (and it would double as a fab bank for kiddos).

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