Sketchpad: Summer Catchup Edition

Bunk rooms to die for! Fab summer sales! All the random pieces that don’t deserve a full post!

We’re back from a full week at the lake, where we were beginning to lose track of time and filled out every single day with languid strolls through town followed by a long nap and then a dip in the lake before bedtime.  And so today’s post is a mishmash of all the things I keep wanting to mention to you!


Internet, I desperately need your help by double-tapping (aka, liking) this photo over on Instagram. As you know, I’m participating in the Annie Selke Rug design challenge and I REALLY want to get one of my designs into production. I’m linking to this rug (of the 3 original designs) as it has the most votes already, but feel free to vote for all 3.


On a stroll through Carlton Landing, I saw these chairs on someone’s patio and thought they were so fab. The home itself is pretty traditional, especially with all the red brick, but aren’t these a great unexpected pop of color and pattern? Bravo. A little digging led me to discover they’re from West Elm, and made of an all-weather wicker and there’s also this version (maybe it’s not as tall? It’s hard to tell).


I saw this dress at Old Navy the week before Independence Day and thought it was soooo cute. It was sold out in my size, and honestly it was way cuter in person than in this photo. Anyway, worth a look if you’re wanting one of those easy peasy summer dresses that you toss on.  Pair them with these earrings or maybe these and you’re instantly pulled together.  Speaking of, these red tassel earrings are a bargain and they come in several different colors. BUY THEM ALL NOW.


The kid in me can’t get enough of a fun and functional bunkroom. Several houses in CL feature them, and I wrote a roundup post over at the Carlton Landing blog on my favorite ones.

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