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As a designer, I consistently hear from people that they are struggling to figure out what to put on their empty walls. I completely get it – art can feel overwhelming and sometimes cost prohibitive, or like it’s only something that people with flourishing money trees can afford. Or perhaps you’ve got an awkward space and you know something needs to go up on the wall, but you don’t know what to do about it.

This was my particular conundrum at the lake house. Because of all of our windows, there’s not a ton of useable wall space, and what we do have is awkwardly shaped. I’ve fussed and fidgeted with it for months and didn’t ever feel quite right about the final look.

Minted reached out and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their new personal art styling service and I thought it might be a perfect fit for our awkward wall layout at the lake. I needed a fresh set of eyes to see if there was another solution I wasn’t seeing.  Plus the art selection at Minted is ENORMOUS and I know there would be something aesthetically that would be lovely. Almost all of their pieces are available framed and in practically any size you can imagine or need.

It’s a fairly simple process: the art styling is all done online. Minted has an online quiz  to identify your style and once that is complete, you get paired up with an art stylist. You then upload photos of your space and provide details on anything you want to work with — existing art, paint colors, furniture, wall dimensions, etc. The stylist will then provide recommendations and renderings of your wall.


I was paired with Kimberly who sent over a questionnaire after I did the initial style quiz. She requested the following:

  • Pictures of the room and a straight-on picture of each wall to be styled.
  • The dimensions of each wall to be styled, along with the dimensions of any furniture in front of the wall(s).
  • A link to at least one piece of Minted art you would like to incorporate into the room, but preferably 5 pieces to consider.
  • A note regarding what you’d like to achieve with your wall—an approximate number of pieces you’d like (1 or 2 larger pieces or a grouping of several pieces), who will be using the room, what type of look and feel you are trying to achieve, color scheme of wall, and what you like or don’t like in terms of art.
  • A picture and the dimensions of any art or objects you already own that you’d like to incorporate.
  • Any frame preferences (e.g. Metal, Wood, Distressed Wood, Modern vs. Antique, Shelving, Colors of Frame).
  • Links to any other inspiration (e.g. Pinterest board, Instagram posts, etc).

I happily sent everything over and within a couple of days, she sent back the first round.

In the first round, Kimberly did a few different layouts that included some of the pieces I’d liked, as well as a few that were new to me. It was great to have a fresh eye on the room and to see what someone else would do and it helped to get a sense of the scale of each piece in relation to the room. Our ceilings are really high, so the scale matters immensely.  I loved the idea of doing an abstract along with some photography and illustration, but I wanted to bring in more of the coral and pale pink as an accent and to repeat the color in our Fermob bar cart.


We then emailed back and forth a few times, trying different pieces until we came to the final look.  The revisions were always beautifully rendered and having the visual of the actual artwork to scale on the wall was a huge bonus.  I also loved that the stylist suggested different ways of presenting the art (like float mounting the pieces) which I never had considered previously.

I could go nuts buying art – these are just a smattering of my current favorites:


Once we’d decided on the final pieces, we then played around with scale and arrangement. And in the end, I was absolutely thrilled with the final result. Kimberly sent over the last presentation, complete with exactly how to hang the pieces and the proper height from the floor and ceiling.

Oh! And our other swivel chair got delivered last week along with my custom roman shades. I’m so thrilled with how everything turned out. Yum yum yum.

Sushi abstract framed print. Afloat photograph.  The Typewriter photograph.

Play the Day Away art print.

I’m obsessed with The Typewriter print in particular. There’s just something about it. And we went with the pale wood frames to echo the light wood floors.


Thanks so much to Minted for helping me out with my One Room Challenge makeover!

with love,

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