Colorful Accessories Make the Difference: ORC Week 5

One Room Challenge

We’re down to the wire on this spring’s One Room Challenge with only one week left to get it all pulled together. And to be honest, I’m a little nervous about if it’s really going to come together in time!  (Follow-up on Week 1 //  Week 2 //  Week 3 // Week 4 if you’re just tuning in, and welcome to any new readers! I’m Rachel and I’ve never met a color I didn’t love. I’m an interior designer, blogger, and mom in Oklahoma City.)

This week was about accessories and getting all the unnecessary stuff out of the house. We still have an extra sofa & coffee table floating around in here that have to go, and we’re also awaiting a few crucial things. The items that have yet to arrive are our set of 4 swivel gliders from Huntington House, another rug (for under those chairs) and the Valentina game table from Bungalow 5.

But everything pans out the way it’s supposed to, and everything will get in regardless of it if meets my ORC deadline. We’ll also be shooting a video once we have everything installed and I think it’ll be a great way to cap off the whole makeover.

Ok — color!  So – like I’ve said before, we wanted to keep the space pretty neutral and allow the main pieces to be flexible because A & E like to switch things up. We went for a lot of texture but the colors that Amy kept coming back to were all the great colors of a true Oklahoma spring: bold green and pops of that bright fuchsia that our native Oklahoma redbud trees like to show off.

I pulled several different vintage Turkish rugs to test out and see if any of them struck a chord.  And WOWZA — they’re all pretty darn gorgeous.

The entryway is coming together — our fixtures got delayed unfortunately, but I think they’ll be worth the wait.  I’m also needing to figure out what kind of art or mirror or something behind the buffet.  I brought that round mirror over but it looks rinky dinky small there.  And check out that pretty green lamp from Jana Bek!

Meanwhile, in the living room — this is the space where the TV used to live and now it looks like this!

Eric hopped on the opportunity to get a new TV and it got installed over the weekend.  I also hung that other gigantic Minted abstract and it is YUM.

One of 2 cutie pie H benches from Bungalow 5 and I’m experimenting with recovering their natural-colored cushions with something a little more bold.


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The One Room Challenge only happens with a ton of help from amazing sponsors who are willing to take a risk to provide items I’ve requested to help make my vision a reality. These are more than just brands – they’re a team of amazing people behind each line and I’m immensely grateful for their support. Do hop over and check them all out!


Likewise, thanks to Linda at Calling It Home for organizing the One Room Challenge  for yet another amazing year, and thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for their media sponsorship!

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