Jude wears gold Birks & I lose 10 pounds

Feb 2017-5I joined Weight Watchers seven weeks ago (mid-January) and as of my weigh-in day last week, I’m officially down ten pounds. Ten pounds! And I am so proud of me.  I’ve worked hard — but it hasn’t really involved any major exercise commitment (which I knew I couldn’t keep at this particular season in my life). I’ve known that portion control is my major issue and so I’ve been pretty motivated to stay on the plan and stick with it. Overall, our entire family has benefited from me making a few changes. Less processed food, way more fruits and veggies. Which isn’t to say that it’s easy, nor is it inexpensive to eat well.

My goal is to lose 40 pounds total, which means I’m now 25% of the way there. Crazy!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: look at these shmoopies.

Feb 2017-3

Have you seen the Dr. Seuss collection at Target? I fell down dead when I saw this Cat in the Hat hoodie.2017-02-10 08.50.33

At school last week, Jude’s class had a Roman Festival, complete with a feast Caesar would have approved of and all the costumes that you can imagine. Jude held the lead in a darling rendition of Jason & the Golden Fleece. I ordered a costume from Amazon at The Last Possible Minute and held my breath while I tracked the package on the app. When it arrived, Jude held up what amounted to a $25 stripper dress complete with a greek key trim.


So an emergency call was put out to the Moms Network™ (aka, thank goodness for girlfriends with older kids) where a suitable replacement was quickly procured. Because his part in the play required that he lose his sandal while crossing an icy cold river, it was only natural that he wear my (ahem) gold birkenstocks. His feet are already the size of mine, Internet.

Feb 2017-6 Feb 2017-7

Apparently he was not too mortified to be wearing his mom’s Birks as he told ERRRBODY with ears that he was, in fact, wearing his mom’s gold sandals. And when I picked him up after school? Yup – he was still wearing them.Feb 2017-8

Sweet boy.  But srsly, kid – STAHHHHP GROWING. You’re moving too fast.

Later this week, we’re running away to Carlton Landing for a quick weekend with extended family and I cannot wait. Squee!

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