I joined weight watchers. Gahhh

2017-01-07 18.42.46

I’m hesitant to say any of this out loud or post about it because what’s more cliche than weight loss in January? But I figured talking about it was a good step, so here we are.

It’s been two years  since the baby was born and the baby weight situation has now turned into just, well, weight. I dropped the majority of it pretty quickly, but there was that persistent stubborn 15 pounds that wouldn’t budge. But then two years of stress, postpartum depression, not sleeping through the night, etc has finally caught up with me and I realized that I totally dread seeing pictures of myself. I was in a national magazine for Pete’s sake, and I didn’t want to see what I looked like! I got a full page feature in our local paper over the holidays and I was positively cringing at my photo.

Internet, that’s so stupid. These were all great things to happen to me! And I’m not enjoying it because of my weight. Not to mention how I *feel* which, really, is the big thing here.

Maybe BIG THING isn’t the right phrase in this instance.

So I gathered up all my courage and decided to give Weight Watchers a go at the encouragement of a friend who’s done it a few times with great success. She reminded me that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, but that if I do the work I can definitely see results. So I set a low goal of 1 pound per week and I’m hopeful that I can keep up the momentum.

I had roughly estimated in my head what the number would be on the scale at my first weigh-in (how Biggest Loser!), but imagine my shock when it was a whole ten pounds higher than I expected.


I went straight to the WW bathroom after that initial weigh in and felt sick to my stomach. I know that the number on the scale is only a number and that it doesn’t define my value, etc. But darn it all, I can do better. For ME. Because I love clothes and dresses and I freaking beat Ulcerative Colitis and ran a 5K and had 2 miracle babies. And because I am fabulous and deserve to FEEL fabulous.

Now a week into the program and I went for my first check-in yesterday. I lost a whopping 1.8 pounds and Internet, I was pretty darn proud of myself. In the past week my entire family has benefited from the changes I have implemented for me. I haven’t felt deprived and I’m excited to see where this takes me.


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  • Brittney Orr

    I joined weight watchers two weeks ago so I am right there with ya! I did the program 5 years ago and lost 40 pounds…of course, I gained it all back and then some. I too was very surprised to see my weight at the first weigh in. How did THAT happen? P.S. Sarah Lee 45 calorie bread is 1 point per slice. For breakfast I’ll make toast with sugar free strawberry jam and as a side, I’ll slice up some strawberries & bananas. It’s yummy and filling for only 3 points! Also -if you haven’t all ready, follow @skinnytaste on instagram. She has so many great WW recipes that are packed with flavor. Love her!! Congrats on your loss this week!! Good luck!!

  • Les Gutierrez

    i love WW.
    my coworker joined and i ate whatever she ate and started counting points as well and it was awesome!
    its helped me lose weight.
    i cant imagine the results i would’ve gotten had i kept it going and if i wouldve added some sort of workout routine.

    but dont be “ashamed” or whatever to say it. be proud. youre taking care of yourself!
    whats better than that!/

    and also, ALL OF THE FRUIT! 0 points!!!!!! stuff me up with all of the fruits!

  • Katrina

    congrats on already loosing!! I’m right there with you, starting my intentions for dropping extra pounds I’ve picked up the past year, just started this month too even though it feels cliche ~ I’m doing it 🙂 I’m slowly changing what I eat, bring my lunch to work and working out…its funny how much better you can start feeling so fast with changes 🙂

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