5 Things This Weekend

@psstudio master bedroom makeover - Stray Dog Designs striped Esme lamp - Benjamin Moore China White walls -

Today’s the big day that I head off to High Point to attend the furniture market with the Design Blogger’s Tour. I’m not going to lie – this has been a hard week. Simon was out of town last weekend into this week, and I’ve been in high anxiety mode in between solo parenting, prepping for the home tour, prepping for this trip, wrapping a big client project, and home tour committee responsibilities. There may or may not have been an ugly cry yesterday. Twice. Ahem.

I’m not a stranger to anxiety; I’ve battled it my whole life and I mostly have it managed. But it does rear its ugly head and make me want to hole up in my bed under the covers. I’m learning to take it easy on myself and focus on taking a deep breath when I need it, and stepping back from what’s truly unnecessary.

And also Zoloft. Let’s be honest here. LOTS of Zoloft. 😉


Adorable clutch from Sarah Hearts.


I’ll be honest. I haven’t been a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan (I think I was the only one who didn’t like Eat Pray Love), but I’m wading into Big Magic, and I’m officially hooked. Creatives, this one’s a must-read!


Cutest shingled house ever. Amazing. You’ll want to pin it all.


Definitions of creativity. An interesting read.


What to do when you’ve had an identity crisis and you’re a blogger. Or really any industry, for that matter.

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