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I’m home from High Point Market, the world’s largest furniture industry tradeshow, and you guys, I have SO. MUCH. TO. TALK ABOUT. It’s so hard to know how to even begin to describe it. High Point is this tiny little town near Greensboro, North Carolina and it’s basically interior design heaven twice a year for market when thousands of people descend on this itty bitty hamlet to shop it up for their retail stores.

Prior to leaving, everyone who I chatted with who has attended in the past was all “Oh girl. Please. You have no idea what you’re in for.” And I was all “I mean how hard can it be? PSHAW.”  I liken it to this: if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how everyone is all like “Yeahhhh, you have no idea what you’re in for with this whole childbirth and newborn thing.” And you’re all “It’s a teeny tiny baby! How hard could it be?” Fast forward a bit and then you realize that no, you absolutely did not know what you were in for.

As I had mentioned before, I was a part of the Design Bloggers Tour, a group of ten women who were chosen to visit a handful of showrooms and report back on everything we saw. I’ll be doing a few round-ups of the sponsored showroom visits in depth later next week, but I at least wanted to give you a quick little taste of trends, etc. and show a couple of things from some of my other finds.


pencil shavings studio high point-57

CR Laine was on my must-see list as I’ve been a fan for awhile now. Tobi Fairley’s collection was stunning – so much gorgeous color and pattern. Everything in this showroom is so beautiful and such great quality. They do some really fun prints and aren’t afraid of color, so basically they’re right up my alley.

pencil shavings studio high point-54

Hot pink was definitely everywhere I turned in several showrooms along with some bold bright blues. But this isn’t any old  hot pink – super sophisticated and refined, an unexpected burst of color.

pencil shavings studio high point-47


pencil shavings studio high point-43

I’m forever a diehard Thibaut fan (my entryway is Thibaut’s Cabrera) and I was given the most lovely tour by Stacy Senior Allen, daughter of the original founders of Thibaut. She graciously showed me every nook and cranny of their colorful and bright showroom. I wasn’t overly familiar with all of their different furniture offerings so it was nice to see everything in person along with some pretty outstanding fabrics. Can you believe those blue chairs above are actually outdoor fabric? They are practically indestructible and so utterly chic. The flowers on the wall were made of wallpaper. I think this was my most favorite corner of the entire showroom.

pencil shavings studio high point-39


Around the corner from Thibaut, Oomph occupied a tidy little corner chock full of the prettiest colorful lighting and side tables. I could happily hunker down amongst their preppy lacquered goods all day long.

pencil shavings studio high point-38 pencil shavings studio high point-37

Ok – more market finds to come next week. I think you guys are going to eat it up!

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