Picking out Engineered Hardwood Floors with Pergo

Dark wood flooring inspiration with Pencil Shavings Studio and Pergo

Hardwood floors have been on the brain lately (and not just due to our issue at Carlton Landing – wahhh).

Simon to me, about a year ago: “I’d like to install hardwood floors in the house at some point. What do you think?”


Simon: “Um, that was enthusiastic. What did you have in mind?”

Me: “Ummm, everything?”

Dark wood flooring inspiration with Pencil Shavings Studio and Pergo

Our first home ten years ago was a 1960s-era two bedroom newlywed cottage (ok, maybe “cottage” is an exaggeration) with the nastiest carpets (three different kinds!) overlaying beautiful original hardwood floors. We spent the money to have them refinished and it was my favorite thing we ever did to that house. I don’t miss a thing from that house except the wood floors.

But our current home had good ol’ builder beige new carpet when we bought it seven years ago, and being overwhelmed with life and all the other decisions, we did nothing about it. We still remembered those wood floors from the newlywed cottage, and so getting rid of the now-gross (gee, thanks, dogs! #thepoopies) carpet in the living and dining room has been on our to-do list for awhile.

And because I’m already snowballing on a couple of projects  (the faaaabulous wallpapered entryway as well as the dining room) and looooove to have a project, we decided to move forward with the floors to knock it all out at the same time. In a fortuitous turn of events, Pergo and I connected earlier in the summer and was I interested in possibly redoing a room with some flooring? Why yes, as a matter of fact, I was!  We researched their Pergo Hardwood option and felt good about the choice, especially considering our particular house.

So all the things, right?  And much like choosing a paint color, you can’t go off a tiny swatch. You’ve got to get it in the space and check it out with the lighting and existing flooring that it’ll bump into.  It’s been a lengthy process to decide what the best look is going to be aesthetically to compliment the existing bones of the home.  Pergo sent over some big samples of my top picks from looking at the website: some dark oaks and a lighter bleached option.

Once the samples got in, we hemmed and hawed. We love the lighter look of our lake house, but doing something bleached just doesn’t seem aesthetically right for our more-traditional style in this house for the long-run, even though that Outer Banks Oak colorway could be an absolute stunner in the right space. Plus, we have original parquet in the family room and we didn’t want our choice for the formal living and dining room to clash with that. So it came down to the last two …

And this is where I leave you to ooh and aah over the inspiration shots – and imagine my radio announcer voice saying, “Which one will they choooooose?”

Dark wood flooring inspiration with Pencil Shavings Studio and Pergo

By the way, here’s what it looks like when you’ve moved allllll of your furniture out of the front half of your house. Check out that stack of wood flooring boxes, waiting to be installed!

Wood flooring from Pergo has arrived at Pencil Shavings Studio

Can’t wait to show you the big reveal – I’m still in awe that it all actually happened!

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