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Some people fantasize about beautiful master bathrooms or glamorous dining rooms. And while I love all of those, I probably fantasize most about a fabulous laundry room.  Our 1960s-era laundry room is what I refer to as a glorified hallway, almost an after-thought between the garage and the kitchen. I talk to my husband all the time about how I would redesign it to maximize efficiency, add personality, and generally not be the giant hot mess it currently is.

What makes a fabulous laundry room?  In my opinion, it’s the magic mix of form and function: ample space to fold and sort, storage space for cleaning gear, and because I’m nuts for color and pattern I’d also want some personality in the form of paint and wallpaper to keep those chores from feeling too, well, chore-ish.

So today, let’s imagine ourselves with a perfectly clean laundry room, everything already folded and put away. And check out the rest of the post at Better Homes & Gardens.

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