We took Kanye Jude to the Pumpkin Patch


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Fall is in the air, and it’s time for Archer’s first visit to our favorite OKC pumpkin patch at Parkhurst. I was envisioning the golden hour of the day, light filtering down on the beautiful grounds, gourds galore, and my two preppy-dressed children sitting amongst the scores of pumpkins. Frameable, right? Yes.  Except … my oldest has definitive ideas about how he is going to dress these days, which leads to some issues. Side note: this is why I LOOOOOVE getting to dress the baby who has zero opinions on what to wear. Funky hat? YES. Somewhat girly outfit? NO PROBLEM. I don’t know – you tell me: does he look miffed here to you?


So this is what I had to deal with. ::dramatic sigh::

We obviously like talking about personal style over here Chez Shingleton, and so it should come as a surprise to no one that Numero Uno Child is also way into expressing his own style. Remember a few years when he was all about high tops? Except that’s now morphed into a never-ending obsession with doing that weird whip dance and wearing his Nike KD shoes, socks, and backpacks. Because of course. All day. Errday. Thugs 4 eva, right (umm, right? is this a thing?)?


See? Thuggish hat. Puffy vest. Giant sneaks. The most say I got in this outfit was the striped polo from J.Crew. kanye-j

So naturally we’ve started calling Jude “Kanye” (we have to keep him from stealing microphones from people up on stage and we’re hopeful that there are no Kardashians in our future), and on Saturday this was as good as it got for my attempt at getting the boys pulled together for a group photo at the pumpkin patch.


I’ll take it – because I love how Jude totally commandeered Archer and was like “I’VE GOT THIS, LET’S JUST TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY.”

Point taken, Kanye. Geez. Such a temper.

pumpkin-patch-fall-autumn-decor-gourds-pencil-shavings-studio-2 pumpkin-patch-fall-autumn-decor-gourds-pencil-shavings-studio

white-Pumpkin-Patch-pencil-shavings-studio-2 2015-10-03-18.16.03 2015-10-03-19.18.16-1

Here’s to fall and pumpkins and babies and … Kanye. 😉

with love,

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