Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

IT’S HERE! OCTOBER! My 2nd most favorite month of all. And what better thing to do in October than visit a pumpkin patch! I had this genius idea yesterday afternoon and since Simon wasn’t working on Saturday (YIPPEE!) it was the perfect opportunity. It’s OU/TX weekend, which means that everybody who’s a Sooner fan is off to Dallas for the big game, and we stayed home. The weather is perfection, and I am loving these cool nights and mornings. It’s simply delicious.

Friday night, we went to eat at this hole-in-the-wall burger joint that was pretty much the yummiest hamburger I’ve ever had in my life. For you Oklahoma locals, it was the burger version of Big Truck Tacos. Pick out 2 or 3 burgers (they come in tiny slider versions) to try, in a surprisingly wide variety of flavors. The guy that runs the place is super passionate about his burgers.   S&B Burger Joint is located on N. May Avenue in the same building where the Electro Lounge is (actually, it’s IN the Electro Lounge, I believe), and in the same parking lot as Best Buy. Definitely kid friendly, and budget-friendly.

We told Jude on Friday night that he had to have a good night’s sleep because in the morning we’d get up and go to the pumpkin patch to see pumpkins and ride ponies. He flew out of bed at 7:30 this morning and thundered into our room.  “GET UP! GET UP OFF THE BED!” And then he opened the nearest dresser drawer he could find, threw me two tank tops and said, ‘PUT YOUR PANTS ON! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!”  Of course, he was only wearing a diaper and some Crocs he’d found from somewhere. And the pumpkin patch didn’t open ’til 10. So we had to stuff him with peanut butter breakfast sandwiches 🙂 to tide him over.

Funny things to remember:

  • “Mom, the pig’s nose is bleeding!”  “No, honey, that’s mud.”
  • Realizing that he was, in fact, sitting on the dirt in front of the pig sty (wow – there’s a REAL opportunity to use that word), covered in good ol’ Oklahoma red dirt. Guess that’s what being a boy is all about. I shivered inside.
  • When he climbed pretty much into the rabbit hutch and scared the two rabbits to death.
  • Listening to the cow moo and moo and moo.
  • Swinging on a tire swing.
  • Swinging on a rope like Tarzan
  • Riding on some ponies
  • Saying a very sincere Thank You to the tractor lady who drove us on the hay ride
  • Chickens. I adore chickens. I have zero idea why.
  • After-pumpkin-patch drinks at Pops (milkshakes!)
  • Watching Alice in Wonderland in the car on the way home in a total stupor (Jude. Not us.)

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch


Poor piggie momma. She was all muddy. I guess they like that, though.

My child. In the rabbit hutch. Scaring the poop out of those poor bunnies.  :-0

On the hayride.

Aww, shucks, Dad.

What greater thing for a car/tractor/train/whatever-enthused kid than for them to get to climb all over tractors?

And now I TOTALLY want a tire swing in the backyard. I’m wondering if this is feasible on any of our trees. How much fun is this? Every kid needs a swing.

King of the Hay Bale Fort.

Exhausted stupor at Pops.

Yippee for October!

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