Christmas 2016 Recap


Christmas is already quickly receding into the rearview mirror and I wanted to get this up so I could remember a few things. Several friends have asked about Mom and how she’s doing. I can honestly say this was one of the best Christmas seasons we’ve had in years – she’s been off pain medications and while it’s not easy due to her consistent high level of pain, she has been so much more clear-headed.


For a long time I felt angry that she was so sick. Selfishly, I felt like I was missing out on her and that she wasn’t trying hard enough to conquer this. Two things happened in my heart: first, as she was in the hospital the last time, the nurse commented about what a tough, strong woman Mom must be. I fell apart inside at that moment. How could I be so hard on her? OF COURSE she is so strong to put up with everything she’s been dealt. How could I be so hard on her? Secondly, I realized that nobody can understand how hard it is to be a mom – except another mom. Jude was really coming down hard on me about a few things in the past few months and I realized “That is exactly what I’m doing to my mom.”


To me it’s one more reminder that I can’t control others or outside circumstances. But I CAN control my thoughts and actions. Life lessons, right?


My babies.


Number one present this year for Archer was this darling balance bike by Public Bikes. We saw them in San Francisco last summer and Archer was definitely starting to pine for a bike like Jude’s. He took off on it almost instantly.


School started back on Thursday and we were all YAAAAAAY SCHOOL!

And then it snowed and they were out on Friday. And I *think* it was Archer’s official first time to play in snow. 2017-01-05-12-06-02

Jude is so big that he now wears my Hunter boots when it’s snowy or wet. 2017-01-05-12-08-11 2017-01-05-12-23-42


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